210510 - Kallang Leisure Park & Nisa's Place

It's Mother & Son's bonding time. My own parents are off to Malacca for a wedding. So I took leave from work to take care of the Babe. After feeling guilty of not bringing him out too often, i got our day out planned ahead.

First we are off to try the Peek-A-Boo indoor playground @ Kallang Leisure Park. Now from Woodlands to Kallang is a very longggggggg way to go. But i was determined to take the public transport.

Looking quite restless

Unfortunately, after a long bfast at KFC - what i thought was to prepare T for the hour long train ride with a full tummy - came to our disadvantage as it was then Tufeil's nap time. I had to get off midway at Yio Chu Kang to feed him. But he was still not pacified. I gave up, got out and took the cab from there. At least, i tried.

By the time we reached Kallang Leisure Park, he was sleeping and didn't wake up when i transferred to the stroller. A miracle! So i checked out JWT Gym. Been meaning to sign him up to get him to be more sociable. Another miracle was, Tufeil opened his eyes right in front of Peek-A-Boo's entrance! haha as though he could smell FUN in the air!

The place was small as compared to the one we went to at Turf City, altho prolly just as fun. Only the cafe looked... dismal.

Tufeil, halfway to the one slide, while looking down at the trampoline

Got him to take the steps up.

BUt it was as tho he's forgotten how to crawl and insisted on trying to walk up.

ok Whatever means necessary to reach to the top!

Ok it was VERY tiring for ME to go up the obstacle course to the slide. For One, the height was quite low, for another i had to carry T half of the time as he won't be able to navigate himself. So mostly, we only amused ourselves on the ground with the balls, trampoline and some mobile toys:

Tufeil The Bear, meet Snake The Stool

Ready to conquer the playground. Not!

Given his affection for babies and children, I found it surprising he didn't talk to the other kids around that day. Quite disappointed, actually, cos there were a couple of cute caucasian little ones. hehe But ok, slowly slowly.

After almost an hour, I finally decided to make a move. We took another attempt at the train. This time, it's the Circle Line @ Kallang station.

Evidence that we've been on it!

There are only 3 carriages (that's 12 doors) for this line as opposed to 5 or is it 6 on the main network.

I placed Tufeil not facing the crowd.

Not having a proper nap, Tufeil got sleepy again in the train. I fed him some biscuits on the sly. (That's why the faced backward position.) Luckily, just as he got to the breaking point, we reached our destination. But took another cab to get to the exact location:

Nisa's Abode!

Firstly, sorry Sue we didn't inform you! We guess you must be in school and impossible to take leave, yah? It's gonna be the holidays soooonnn then we can all meet up.

Sameer Bhai was home from school in the morning session. But he sorely missed Fara's two girls who are in school and did not come. He entertained the two babies for a bit with some ball game and then, got bored i think. hehe

A ball for each of them

Lunch was Nasi Lemak cooked by a Pakistani! =) well cooked too. Complete with Sambal Ayam and Chicken Wanton. No pictures because i was busy feeding myself and the babe.
At 4pm, finally the little ones settle into their nap.

Tufeil must have been so tired he slept for 1.5hour! Another miracle!

Guess what? It's DESSERT TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Honeydew and sago in milk.

I dont drink milk actually and didn't know what it was but just braved it. and it was delish!!!

Banana jelly Yummy yummy

Brownie, of course!

We chatted and chatted till 6pm and it was time to leave. It is impossible to take the direct bus home with stroller, so had to take the cab. Unfortuantely, there was a massive traffic jam and with peak hours surcharge the total cab fare came out to $20.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

:( I'm just so sad that I missed out on so much good yummy food!!!

And there I was having to swallow the ermm... not-so-tasty school food (boring!!!!!!) at that time... sighs...

Remember parents the thing teachers go through...

Jussaemon said...

Awwwww nevermind! Sch HOlidays is... here!

Nisa AK said...

Yeah sorry Sue it was a last min thingy cuz Jus happened to be on leave :D In fact while we munched on our desserts, we were thinking of u and how busy u wud be in school :P
Lets meet before u leave for PK!