Hanis VS PCF

Tufeil will be turning 2 very soon and I very much want him to start going to school / playgroup.

The last time, I wrote about how he went to a trial lesson at Kidz campus. But it didn't work out because can't pay by CDA. (For non-Singaporean readers: Child Development Account is an incentive by the government where they match 1-for-1 whatever you put in to this account up to SGD 6,000. Also they give S$4,000 in 4 installments every 6 months for first child, etc - this is Baby Bonus. And I've put in most of the Baby Bonus in CDA account.)

I discovered from my cousin that Hanis Montessori has opened a branch in Woodlands! And was soooo excited because:

  1. They can take Tufeil in right now.
  2. They have Arabic / Islamic studies.
  3. Can pay by CDA!!!

Monthly fees SGD 220 per month. So meaning if i pay by CDA it's really just SGD 110. For 3hours every day (8.30 - 11.30am). However, that is provided I haven't reached the SGD 6,000 limit yet. And upon enrolment, they collect two months fees & transport fees and other charges like Annual Material Fee, Insurance, etc totalling SGD 1,450. *FAINT*

When I did my calculations, I could probably just afford to send him there for 2 years. After that, he has to chagne school? Will that be traumatic for him?

The other option for him is to go to a PAP kindergarten. It's just 3 blocks away ie walking distance so save on transportation. And the monthly fees is just SGD 171.20 (SGD48.80 cheaper). However it's just two hours a day everyday and its all secular syllables.

But I have a handful of friends who went to a PAP kindergarten and later Madrasah and are now such brilliant accomplished, confident people.

The time slot is not as favourable at 1-3pm = nap time.

Oh also, PAP can't take him now. Minimum age is 30 months old and if he joins in Aug (mid-term) he would be basically going thru the same syllables the next year! So might as well just wait for Jan? and that's such a longggggggggg time from now! Imagine what he could have learnt/benefitted if he's already started school earlier!

Dilemma dilemma!!

In any case, I will be recceing Hanis sometime next month and will decide from there. Who knows, maybe I will have other options also by then?

PS: I can't help feeling sad at the prospect of Tufeil going to school. Its heart wrenching! I mean to leave him all alone in a foreign place?? It does soothe me a little to know that we can sit in the class for the first week or so until he gets familiar with the place and everything.. sigh... Do all mothers experience this feeling or is it just me?

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10 glasses of Juice:

Hairiah said...

Jus... its okay.. u will get used to it... u r not alone.. i felt that way too... n do u noe, i cant sleep the n ight before shauqy goes to school for the first time and i actually cried seeing him sleeping on that night.. and cried again when i was preparing his bfast before first day of school.. hehe.

Jussaemon said...

Ahhhhhh ok good to know im not weird or anything! Cos actly my sis pon sama. hehe

Tapi klw awak jadi kita awak hantar kat mana eh?

Nadzyyy said...

Hi! Random blog hopper here. Ive got a girl born in Apr 09 and I started sending her to Hanis about a month ago. I can't comment much about their curriculum yet.. but yeah.. the fact that they teach Arabic/Islamic studies is a HUGE plus point. Plus, they organise excursions about once every month so that's quite exciting. My barely 2 year old will be going for her 1st ever excursion next week! haha.

Anyway, my 2 cents is that it'll be such a waste to wait till he turns 30months old before you can send him to school. he's at that stage where he's absorbing so much, already right?

Jussaemon said...

Thanks Nadzyy for dropping by and commenting.

My son was born end Mar 09! I'm surprised they can take younger than 2 yr old! Cos on the phone they told me 2yr +

You are right about absorbing so much. He can learn a new song in a matter of minutes!

Also right about that PLUS point. I think I have quite decided on Hanis cos my mom is leaning on that one too. Unless Huda kindergarten is better??

Nadzyyy said...

Yeap.. confusing kan. In fact, the centre that my girl is currently in (we're in the east), was actually ready to take her in towards the end of last year despite me telling them that she'll only turn 2 in april this year. :) Ntah eh.. maybe different centre, different approach? *shrugs* *on background music: its all about the money. .its all about the damdumdadadadumdum* :P

I've not heard of huda kindergaten though.. and yeah.. my mom is also very pleased with the place despite our initial reservations. aper tak.. she sejuk hati when she saw the K1/K2 kids reading their surahs so fluently during assembly time in the mornings.

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

Don't worry babe... WE'll get used to it.. Seriously the kids can adjust better than us :( we'll probably the one who goes through the anxiety... I had no choice too when I sent Siddiq as soon as he turned 18 months but it helps him to be more independant..
Seeing Tufeil I think he has no problem adjusting too. He's such a brilliant boy! I'm sure he'll enjoy making new friends.. :)

Ashley said...

Go for Hanis.

Look at Syifaa'. She's thriving by going through Al-Iman, Ahmad Ibrahim then Darul Makmur.

These kids sure are growing very fast. Sigh.

Jussaemon said...

Thanks Sue for the reassurance. Yeah I'm sure T would be ok.. just being worrisome old me.

Yes Ash looks likemost likely Hanis. But Salman, Aminah's son, goes to Huda, maybe I ask her what its like.

Lynzi Fazlina said...

Hi dear, happen to chance upon your blog. So in the end where did u put your child at? My boy has been with Hanis woodlands since he was 3. He is a 2007 child and is now in K1 there. If your child is in Hanis too, it will be great if we can link up. :)

Jussaemon said...

Salaam Lynzi,

Yes Tufeil has been to Hanis for almost 2 years now. He's now in between Challenger and Explorer.

What is your son's name? Maybe Tufeil knows? He likes to play with the big brothers. But he's in the morning session.