Pre-Bday Dinner

Sat, 26th March 2011. Since not everyone is free tomorrow, we decided to have our own private Presents-opening Ceremony at home.

Couldn't get the Birthday Boy to put on any clothes to snap decent pictures

But sis said nevermind, this is also a remembrance of how skinny or chubby he is at this age. Really good point actually because I couldn't help pouring over a couple of precious photos where his thighs were still very skinny when he was under 3 months. After that became michelin already.

Unveiling a big box from Titi!

(This is on top of the floating jacket she sponsored earlier)


Needless to say, Tufeil took to it immediately! And just as Ly predicted, he'd (pretend to) sit on it.

There's another one from Ummi (Ly)

My Own Leaptop!!!!! I have been wanting to get him one of Leap Frogs things but it was quite pricey at minimum of $40. Ly said Kiddy Palace was having a big sale so she bought him this. THANK YOU!!
Initially, we were worried that this kind of "laptop" won't garner much attention as it is not as attractive or exciting as iPhone but we are quite wrong. Tufeil LOVEs the Animals play esply HIPPO and BUMBLEBEE and would press it non-stop. I also like that it has 2 levels of volume.

Syifaa' also got a present - from her Ummi - a LeapFrog PDA.

From his grandparents, Tufeil got..
A Bubble Gummers sandal for play-at-the-lift-lobby wear And Kiko set of shirt and pants.

Mum went shopping at JB for these. And even with up to 70% discounts and good currency exchange rate, these are not exactly cheap. Very much appreciated presents because Tufeil is badly in need of clothes and shoes, especially pyjamas. His long pants are turning into bermudas esply when it rides up when he bend his knees or in sitting position.

We went to NorthPoint for the pre-bday dinner, also to pick up Tufeil's cake for tmrw.
Oh! Ummi bought a mini cake for us to eat with the family.
Let's cut the cake

It's a Spongebob "You're Dreamy" cake!

The Grandparents

Another present that Tufeil received a week earlier is...

a Puzzle! Courtesy of Ibu Nan.


Tufeil had a 3-6pcs set of 4 vehicles puzzle I bought him. But I threw it away after some of pieces went missing (which turned up much later one pieces at a time). I felt guilty and wanted to find another simple one at Kiddy palace because T really loved it. I told Nan this when we were out at Northpoint. And I was totally taken by surprise when she actually found one for T and gifted him with that. THANK YOU!!

I pray that the pieces won't go missing too soon. Every night, I try to put back all the pieces together to ensure everything's in place. The board says its suitable for 3+ year old. So for now, I hafta show him where each piece goes but I can see he's progressing slowly but surely at fitting them together.

Reached home 11pm that night!! And since we have a super duper early day tmrw, I decided to just give him BM to sleep so he could rest earlier and so I could get cracking with my Mashed Potatoes and Beef Meatloaf I promised to bring tmrw. I didn't finish till 1.30am. But then I still hafta stick the loaf in the oven for 1hr 15min the next day which means I hafta be up by 7am to do that to be on time for an 8.30am appointment.

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