Mambo GIAmbo Night

Fri 15th Oct 2010,

For those who had been following my tweets, this blog will answer a few questions as to what was really going on.

I took part in a singing competition organised by the acronym mentioned in the subject industry-wide. I did a duet with my new colleague covering Way Back Into Love, by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett from the movie Music & Lyrics.

When I was there for the rehearsal with 19 other contestants, I finally realised that my chance to get to the final round for Top 6 positions is very slim as they were all very very good! We defly won't get high points for presentation. So I resigned to just having fun and at least not embarrass myself with a nervous voice.

And surprisingly, I was very calm on stage. I think it's a result of two things: 1. rehearsal ON the stage would pre-ampt you of how it's gonna feel like 2. Endless prayer (the Rabbish rahli...) I know i know it's nonsensical that I should pray to do well in something sinful. That's right. If my parents know about this, well they'll prolly kill me. Sorry I can't help it, I love singing so much.

My video

I was the 17th contestant to present and they followed my partner's surname. If it had been mine, we would hafta sing first, EYEWWW!!

Apparently, we were not good enough to get to the Top 6. I would've loved to show them what we could do with Killing Me Softly With His Song by Roberta Flack. But I also wonder how would I fare if I was alone.

This is my other colleague, Red's performance, singing You're Still You from Josh Groban

From the two practices we had together, I already told him that he'd defly make it to Top 6. and he did!! Was so proud of him. However, he only managed to get 6th Place with One In a Million You by Larry Graham for the Final Round. I think he could have done better if he had sung Mem'ry, instead. Oh well... the other contenders WERE very good and deserving. They really rocked the audience lor... dance moves, great song choices (upbeat kind) and costumes etc.

I'll miss this, i guess. But I should repent now. God forgive me.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Jussaemon said...

OMG! I just listened to my own video and i was off key a couple of times man! YUCKYYY SUCKY!!! I recorded a few rounds during practise, it wasn't this bad. Sheesh! How could the ceo of our rival say we were good? GOSH! I'm so embarrassed of myself!

Sandra said...

How brave to sing in front of a crowd!

Jussaemon said...

Now tt u mention it yeah! Altho when i signed up, money was a great motivational factor. haha