SWPH's 3rd Gathering.

Today is Nisa's turn to play host.

Fara came with all her 3 children since she's maid-less at the moment. And Sue came with her hero and me with my prince =)

Taking cab, i was the first to reach her place and was given a private tour of her lovely house. Cheyyyybah!

Photo taking session! (I bet Fara has better ones but this is what i managed to take.)

From left: Siddiq (Sue's), Tufeil (Mine of course!) and Uzair (Fara's)

All the babies got distracted but my Tufeil looked at me straight in the Camera.

And then... PLop! he slid sideways. Still can't sit up on his own lah.

It's ok, Bhaji Shaheen (Fara's) is near to the rescue!

While the babies (save for the youngest one - Tufeil) helped themselves to Sameer Bhai's Lego, the adults took the opportunity to have a late lunch. God, Nisa, i was like famished at that time having had no bfast except for a handful of jemput2 cempedak!

Menu of the day: Nisa's Specialty - Nasi Briyani, Fried Bee Hoon, Somekind of Fried Chicken Masala? .. and not forgetting chutney and raw salad. I wasn't adventurous enough to try the last 2 but had TWO helpings of all the other 3. Heee

Just when i was wondering, What else? Nisa served us with the MOST DELICIOUS DESSERT EVER! It looks VERY COLOURFUL too (Sorry Wana no picture of food!!!) with strawberry custard mostly, topped with fruit cocktails and lychee, and hidden underneath are slices of a cake (crispy bahulu roll kind) and more fruit cocktails. I lapped the bowl clean albeit with Tufeil asleep on my LAp! haha There were two extra bowls... I felt like taking another one just because it was nice but truthfully my tummy was bursting full already so i refrained myself. LOL

After much chat, it was time to leave. Poor Sameer Bhai missed us just by 45min like that. And Me & T went home by bus. I was quite afraid actually cos 6:30pm would be his feeding time and it was 5:55pm when i boarded the bus. Let's hope the journey won't take too long.

Air-conditioned double decker aka SuperBus.

Tufeil LOVES to suck on the carrier's button!

He's got a fantastic view of Singapore and was lulled to sleep.

Mummy and baby reached home safely. Yet another achievement for us! Yay!

Next Outing: SWIMMING!??! ... Wana... we're waiting for you babe.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

that was fun and i missed it! argh!!

wait for me next year allright? inshaAllah :)


al_ankabut said...

Juls~ My Eyntisor too loikes to lick her carrier's button~