My Nice Weekend

19th July 09 (3.5months old)

Took the train to Marina Square. Towards the end of the ride, he got hungry and had to be carried to soothe his crying.

By the time i reached a vacant nursing room after 4 occupied ones, he had already fallen asleep. Furthermore, he kept smiling and smiling while drinking milk. He got VERY distracted by the foreign decor of the room that he's never seen before.

After the mandatory Popiah, we went in search of Tufeil's clothes and bought 2 bodysuits and 2 pants + 1 towel = $70. Z's treat! Yayyyy

We saw that mobile animal rides. And Adults are sooooooo allowed on these rides!!! Z, seeing the childish side in me, actually suggested we take it. And we did. 3 times! One wasn't enough for me esp cos we got off a slow start preparing the camera. So two for me and Z cldnt resist to take one himself.

$2 per ride.

I checked out Maternity Exchange... They have a lot of nursing top options, even long sleeved one. Now that i've bought a pair of "sleeves", i can wear short sleeved with it. Another alternative is a cardigan with a sleeveless dress.

Its rental rate is 4pcs @ $129 thereabout. Rental period is 4 weeks and u can rent up to 2 items at a time. There were several that i liked but somehow i hesitated. And Tufeil was also cranky, so i made my excuses.

In the end, i decided NOT to waste my money since i've just bought 2 nursing tops from Perfect Mum. (The gal was so nice, she suggested to send back to the tailor to put on long sleeves at only $5 for both!) And bcos, the only time i'd really need to wear a nursing top is at weekends when i go out w Tufeil which is like prolly 8days a month, out of which, i also have many other "normal" clothes option.

And to think that the week leading to that day, i was almost hyperventilating with excitement waiting to have a look-see.

Tufeil was already asleep. We took the chance to have tea and Choc ice blended and MONSTER Cookie at Starbucks. Z's treat too. $15?

The best part of all was shopping at John Little. I have $100 shopping voucher from our D&D lucky draw. The deeper you went in, the more things you see... OUtside was just cosmetics and toiletries which i was sooo not interested. Then i saw bags and shoes. I picked 2 and a pair respectively. After that was the GLORIOUS Baby section!!! hahahah its really just normal but i had FREE money to spend was the nicest thought of all!

So from this section, i bought:

  1. 2boxes of Avent Breasts pads (3pairs) @ $20 each
  2. A Colourful Flexible teether toy $12
  3. Teats for my Avent Cups but realised that i need the white screw top which i cldnt find.
  4. Life Buoy refill hand wash

Moreover, NTUC members get a further $5 discount for every $40. The kind sales assistant even calculated and separated my bill to $55 each so i could enjoy $10 off on top of my $100 voucher. I paid just $25 extra for my purchases.

Only, sadly, cldnt get the brand of diapers and wet tissues that i want =( But Gosh it was fun. Because i truly shopped unhibittedly (is there such a word?) while T & Z did their father & Son thing. Otherwise, i would constantly worry if the stroller is in other pple's way, if my son would get bored, if he's hungry or whatever whatever.

With all those bags, we took a cab home.

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5 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Nothing brings up a woman's spirits than shopping na? lolzz...
Tufeil and his mummy look very cute on the tiger :P
Heyy the video suddenly got punjabi conversation! hehehe...

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

lol... yeah I was also wondering hey who is Z talking to suddenly? Then I guessed it must be the phone... hehe
And Tufeil looking so adorable enjoying the ride with mummy!

Nisa AK said...

You've been tagged! Check my blog for the tag :D

Anonymous said...

HA! HA! So Jus did u get wats e punjabi conversation all about??

Jussaemon said...

Yeah it was explained to me.

Hehe Tufeil's Cap kept slipping down.