Physiotherapy Follow Up

Mon, 13th July 09 (3.5months old)

@ 1pm, my parents picked me up at that Aranda CC from my mother's hospital appointment at GH.

I've only had bfast at 9am and was raving hungry but we made a stop at a mosque first before heading to the KK. and even then i had to endure another 30min for the appointment before i got Mc for lunch.

Right at the door, we were both issued masks. The kind nurse tied it on for me but told me to hold the mask for baby. At first, Tufeil was quietly excited at this thing covering his face but after awhile, the fingers resume its permanent residence in his mouth. haha.

While waiting, i managed to feed him for 5min before he fell asleep. Oops This might just spell danger. True enough, when we carried him to the bed to be inspected, he cried his lungs out!! He hates to be woken up from sleep. He WAILED and WAILED and WAILED till it was diff for the doc n me to talk and to tape his toes! In my heart i was saying, "Alamak Tufeil, Ummi 'Azma just praised you for being a good boy yesterday..."

Basically, the therapist said that his club feet are no cause for worry, its quite natural for them to rise inwards but as long as they correct it on their own, its fine. But to continue with the exercise, which to be honest i didn't do cos i thought letting him stand on his feet would suffice. Apparently not. While lying on his back, i should raise his knees and push his ankles towards his thighs and stay for 10counts x 10times a day.

As for his curled toes, his right one is good already but his left is still on the lower side. So far i've met 3 different physiotherapist and this 3rd one is telling me the first method of taping the two last toes is better even though its tougher to do. PLUS must make sure no creases and blood circulation is in order.

I asked her what will happen if his toes remain like that? Indirectly asking if its ok i slack a bit and not tape it haha. She said if the condition is not corrected at 1yo or older, it will be more diff to change and more invasive therapy has to be introduced. And this will result in the toe being uncomfortable wearing shoes as it will get "stepped on".

Ok Julissa, buck up! Next appointment in 6 weeks.

So now i've started taping again at night. By right, it should be twice a day. But i feel like i can't impose more on my mother than i already have when i asked her to look after Tufeil. Altho i havent really asked, I simply can't expect her to do it after each morning bath. So its once at night for 12hrs and twice at weekend insya'Allah should help.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Aunty Titi said...

Make sure you tape eh!!!!!!

Jussaemon said...

Yelah Titi... :P