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This is my fourth week at work and the first FULL week. I started mid week and subsequent two weeks, i took 1 day leave each.

But I think i'm starting to get used to eBMming at work. As it turned out, my OM allowed me to use the boss' room since he's on leave the whole of this month. Oh it's sooooooo comfortable, thank you lord! It's very near my desk and discrete too with blinds. And of course, can use electricity as compared to the unreliable batteries.

In the beginning i was very anxious. Because i dont know WHEN to pump. I heard of pple saying every two hours but they didnt say if its from each side each session! While others say, if you don't need to pump after 4hours it might mean your milk supply is decreasing.

I started out pumping first thing when i reached office. since its barely 2 hours from last feed, i'd hafta squeeze from both sides to get the quantity required.

Then Lunch time @ 1pm will generate 2 feedings or 100ml. And another 2 servings @ 5pm.

By the time i reach home about 7pm, Tufeil would be needing a feed. Mum pointed out that she thought Tufeil's not having enough when i pumped too much earlier cos he tend to feed longer. However, a BF friend said that thats not necessarily the case cos babies tend to cling longer to their mothers after separating for so long. Awwwww hehehhe

Tufeil has also almost immediately fallen into a routine. He would wake up at about 10am. Last feed around 6am before i go to work. Then he would shower and fall back to sleep. 3hours later at about 1pm is his next feed. Then at 4:30pm. After that, he would wait for me to come home for the next feed.

So effectively, that's 3 feedings worth that i hafta pump at work = 300ml.

Since i only need to cover 300ml at least, i've quite settled into a routine:

8am = 1 serving, 2pm = 2 servings. BONUS: 5pm 1 serving. or reach home to pump one side, feed on the other.

I'm lucky in that sense cos another fellow BF says her baby needs about 450ml of milk during the day when she's at work. On the other hand, Tufeil drinks more thru out the night. He doesn't sleep thru.

Everytime he started wriggling and rustling next to me, i would give BM while lying in bed. But he would promptly fall asleep not 5min later, as so do i. he would wake every 2hrs to get a 5min feed. 2am, 4am, 6am. *faint* Am i doing it wrong?

Now.. TUESDAYS are a problem. My mum attends a class at a mosque every Tuesday Morning. Yesterday was the first time she brought Tufeil with her while i go to work.

In the beginning, she told me not to feed T in the morning yet... but that she would feed him at 7am instead so that he would take the next feed at 10am once at the mosque then the next would be at home. This way she only need to prepare 1 bottle. Bcos the diff is he'd be awake and would demand milk earlier. However, i counter offered with feeding him as per normal at 6am, then if Ayah's sending us, we go out a bit later and i feed him in the car at 8:30am.

And that was what we did last night. But he pooped. And we had to change him in the car while MOVING!! TO top it all, he sprayed his stuff at us too! Lucky we didnt get too wet with tissue on hand but the upholstery looked quite damp afterwards. Lol. Dad said, "Apa ni pagi2 dah ada bomba?" hahaha

After i dropped off, he pooped again! Tufeil... Tufeil...

At the mosque, he was super cranky wanting to be carried. So the ladies at the mosque took turns to. By around 11am, as predicted by me he took to the bottle. But refused to be soothed! So Mum gave a bottle extra for him. Lucky thing Ayah picked mummy up... can't imagine how otherwise.

Actually he would have preferred to stay in stroller and rocked than being laid on the floor (i wonder if Mummy did give him his toys i prepared) but bcos they sit on the floor, it wldnt be convenient.

How should we do it next week?

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