Tufeil's First Swim

31st May 09 (slightly more than 2months)

My sisters and I went swimming with the babies. We used the swimming pool at our uncle's condo in Yishun.

Tufeil in a 3 - 6 months diving suit

Tufeil in Syifaa's buoy.

After just 15min, his fingers got all wrinkly! But we remained inside close to 2hours! When he cried, i gave him ebm i prepared earlier but he aint having any of tt. It seemed he just wanted to sleep in the water.

It was a bit sad that i didnt get to swim "properly". Granted i dont even know how to take breaths in between strokes but way better than just wading in the water? Thankfully, my sis were kind enough to hold him for a few min while i stretched those arms and legs.

Cleaning up after was a nightmare. Each of us had issues with our er.... personal items. I felt really guilty for just washing him w water less than 1min with no soap. But it was diff washing him in a bathtub. An unfamiliar one at that.

However, he was quite comfortable, not crying or anything. So i took it as a good sign.

By now (1st July), he has already had a 2nd swim. Tell u more later.

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