Another Disaster

Oh no!!!

I forgot to bring this valve (or whatever part of the pump system that is) to work today. It's usually attached to the two piece funnel + bottle set washed and sterilised in the steam machine. But over the weekend the maid found out the thing can be twisted open so this morning i didnt realise its not fixed back on. Not totally her fault. Shld have checked.

So later, i hafta go to Marina Square again to buy this thing... $30 for 2pcs!! *faint* Oh well.. ive been wanting to get a spare one anyways and now i have the perfect excuse to.

This morning Tufeil didnt go back to sleep after his 6am feed like he usually does. I think its bcos the day before he had too much sleep. And for the first time, it ached my heart to leave for work seeing him brimming in the morning. *sob sob*

Well at least there's something to look forward to this week. My replacement is gone! For the week at least. The past 3 days she had been handing over pending jobs to me and tying up loose ends. I dont wanna be nasty or gossipy... so let's just say... i'm not quite comfortable with her endless chatter. but she is a very nice person..

My boss wants to keep her. So since one of our colleagues is in need of an assistant, she's gonna come back next week to fill tt position, albeit temporary. Again.

But the MAJOR good news at work is that... the FC has tendered resignation and her last day of work is mid July. We have recruitted a new person and she's from the other office transferred to ours. Lucky me, i actually gotta know her while in my 1st yr serving the RecClub with her. Also, we played badminton together tt same yr. I can say she's soft spoken yet rugged n sporty. on a personal level at least. So hopefully the coming months will prove to be a good bunch of colleagues with the irritating ones weeded out.


Tufeil's caregiver is sooo pro bottle feeding that she tot it appropriate to repeat saying:

  1. Oh its ok baby, tmrw i give u bottle ok. So u can sleep nicely afterwards
  2. He's still hungry, urs is not enough (he just wants some comfort sucking)
  3. Just give bottle lah (But i'll be the one in pain if i dont feed him directly n not express)
  4. Hey look, he's not latched (i know i've only been a mother for 3months, but i know when he's not latched.. im just giving him some time)

I thank you for warming up the eBM for Tufeil... but please, I need ur TOTAL support to continue BF-ing successfully.

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