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Tues 7th July

So its a good thing i took leave that day. Initially, it was because mummy has class every tuesday and that particular Tues, Ayah can't send mummy cos he's on course. I didnt want her first day of bringing Tufeil to class be via public transport. Terperanjat berok nanti kepenatan! (Rude shock to handle the tiredness.)

As it turned out, my grandfather called her over to bring him to the hospital. He was in pain. Much later we gotta know its water retention due to poor kidney function.

I'll be on leave again this monday for Tufeil's follow up check up with the physiotherapist, which i'm looking forward to. Im hoping they'd say, "Oh! His club foot and curled toes are all nice and normal now. Good job!" so i can stop taping this toes which i admit i'm getting lazier to.

Anyways, i just gotta know that i only have 8 days of maternity leave left when i came back to work. I was under the impression that i had 10 days left. with 2 being taken this month, i'm left with 6days maternity, 6days child care and 13days annual leave. I hope this will cover me for the period when my parents go for Hajj, insya'Allah, ie 22nd Nov for a month!

I'm fantasizing to stretch that holiday till 2010. But honestly, I don't see it happening. With all the year end reports to be done, and prolly more follow up check ups to go before then, as well as trying to bring forward some annual leaves to next yr, i think i should just come back after Xmas.

However, the BIGGER Question is.... WHERE SHALL I GO TO during my month long holiday? I definitely want to take the aeroplane!! and NOT a budget one. I want some place that's not exactly a retreat place, more family and baby friendly destination but NO Shopping. MALAS! (Lazy) besides, it will only make my heart ache looking at the fabulous things i CAN"T afford to buy. Bah!

At first, i told my sis, absolutely NOT Australia since i've been there before albeit just once. And i thought it's.... boring? I dont wanna visit pple so much (Which we will end up doing). I want more of visiting museums, libraries then just chill at the park or beach. But it'll be SUMMER in Dec. Yikes!

Then she suggested New Zealand, said its cooler there even in Summer. Ahhhhh that's a country i'd LOVE to go! All meadows and...... cows / farm? On the other hand, it'll be a tad boring if we dont stay near town. Then it'll be just like a retreat, which i DONT want. Besides, its more for adventurous pple with the rafting, bungee jumping and what nots.

So on hindsight, maybe Australia's better. Sydney perhaps. Summer pun summer lah. At least its still cooler than Asian Countries?

But then again, i will only go if Ash is coming with us. Following my sis and BIL would be just too weird :S

Any other suggestions?

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