Tufeil & Syifaa'

Is there such a thing as Cousins' rivalry? hehe

As much as Syifaa' loves Tufeil, i'm beginning to see that she fears her place as the pampered grandchild is somewhat wobbly. I can assure her its not tho. Her Nenek loves her a lot. Too much.

Here are Tufeil & Syifaa' moments i'd like to share

She loves to hold the baby

Back when Syifaa' was still using the dummy/dummies.

Note the heigh difference back when Tufeil was 6weeks old i think.

2months old now and a lot bigger for Syifaa' to handle

Sayanggg Adik...

Two caterpillars in their coccoons. LOL

Both in blue. Tufeil @ 3months.

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Ashley said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!