Tufeil's First Library Visit

Tuesday, 30th June 09

Just a day before i start work.

Was alone at home. By 3pm, i got bored and decided to go out to the library with Tufeil.

Put him in the stroller and i read for him a couple of books. He was quite attentive looking at the pictures.

A female security guard even stopped by our pram and said, "So Cuteee." He was prolly the youngest reader at tt moment.

The best thing is there's a nursing room with two cubicles and its always empty.

Fed and changed baby with ease. But the next thing, i felt extremely guilty about... i went to the loo with HIM! Since nobody was with me, i had to bring him into the cubicle as well - the handicap one. Sorry, baby. But i pulled down the shade.

Lunch time now.

Fish & Chips + Cookies & Cream Ice Blended @ Cafe Galilee in Woodlands Library. SUPERB!

My first time too

Tufeil, satiated, sat in the stroller peacefully, drinking in his unfamiliar surrounding. He looked "high" so i rocked the pram (while eating at the same time) and suddenly he fell asleep! Weee! I'm taking my OM's advice to "train" the baby to sit in stroller very seriously. Hope he'll continue to cooperate. Before long, perhaps i can't even put him in the stroller at home, just like Fara =)

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11 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

So cute! He's so besar already :)

I remember my first library visit with Umar too! I was so engrossed looking for books I forgot I had a sleeping Umar in the stroller, and would leave him in between the aisles as I browsed further and further away.

I didn't know they had nursing rooms so once Umar started fussing I got really nervous and practically ran out of the building to find a quiet corner. The thought of a baby's cry in a library freaked me out!

Well done!

Nurulain said...

I love going to Woodlands Library to study because of Cafe Galilee too!! Try the tuna sandwich, its huge, its filling n its healthy! :)

nadia said...

Aww, what a sweet mother-and-son day out! And how well-behaved of Tufeil, mashaAllah.

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

so cute!!! masyallah! must inculcate good reading habits to the babies ;)

i'm guilty of bringing siddiq into the cubicle with me as well... especially at the airports.. i can't help it cause he cries when i disappear behind the door of the toilet...

Jussaemon said...

Which Lib did u go, butterfly? Not sure if Tamp has nursing rooms?

Ain, i hope you're not one of those who hogged the tables!! :P

Thanks Nadia =) Let's hope he stays well behaved!

Sue, Thank god im not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Tufeil has grown, MashaAllah!

Im guilty of bring Riz into the loo too while we were at KLIA. No one to look after him and of coz I cant rely on Ash, so he too came in wz us. LOL


Jussaemon said...

Ash also?? hehehe Oklah... keadaan darurat!

Anonymous said...

why do u feel guilty bringing ur son into the cubicle? my son hangs around in the toilet when i'm showering if there's no one ard (there's a glass door seperating the shower and the toilet bowl). But he's 1yrs so he'll be banging on the door so i'll have to rush.

Jussaemon said...

Babe.. i feel guilty for a LOT of things. Maybe it could make a whole new post!

At least at home, we know its clean haha. Do they have a child safe lock for the toilet bowl?

Anonymous said...

I see people bringing their babies into the toilet with them all the time, there's nothing wrong with it. At some shopping centres (Forum I think) there are even child seats attached to the wall so that the mother can relieve herself.

Anonymous said...

yup there's a child lock for the toilet bowl. but my son is more interested in coming into the shower with me that he ignores the toilet bowl. lol. but yeah once he's mobile everything must child proof.