The Guilt List

The Things I'm Guilty About As a Mother:

  1. When He doesnt burp
  2. When i don't change his diaper more than 6hours even though he's sleeping at night (albeit intermittently)
  3. Bringing him to the toilet with me
  4. If i overfeed him and make him FAT
  5. When i eat junk foods and give baby the fats in the milk
  6. For not crazily missing and yearning for him at work
  7. If i carry him wrong and disfigure any parts of the anatomy.
  8. If the water's too cold or too hot
  9. If the room's too hot. (No it can never be TOO Cold)
  10. If the light's too bright

And the list goes on and on and on. That doesn't mean i dont continue doing them though. HA HA

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