29th July 09 - Immunisation

4 months old now!

Is it the 3rd one already?

His Jab took less than 10min cos we got an appointment in the crazy early. But because we wanted to see the doctor regarding the rough and broken skin all over his body and especially on his neck.

Er... can see the red spots?

We doubt its sensitivity from the diaper as we have been using the same brand, Mamypoko, from 1st month.

I bought SebaMed's Special Healing Cream for this and his bottom as well. While his bottom showed some improvements, his knees didnt but if anything, the tummy area spread(ed?)!

You can definitely see the red dots. But what i couldn't capture were the deeper and redder folds.

Initially, my mum put on some baby powder which i was fine about until my sis said it would only make it drier and suggested Johnson's baby oil instead and i heeded that.

However, the doc said its Heat Rash. But looking at his skin's sensitivity, it might also be the begininnings of eczema. God Forbids! She prescribed HydroDerma to be applied sparingly twice a day all over and Calamine Lotion on the neck to soothe the itchiness. She explained that this heat rash is caused by the baby's sweat trapped in his short neck and many folds. So she advised to keep the it dry. Lightly dust with Johnson's powder to absorb moisture.

In the mean time, Z said, "Oh just like Papa." His arms would bleed and itch and break when he allegedly eats Beef.

Actually, mummy said she could manage bringing T to the polyclinic on her own, while Syifaa' sleeps at home. But i insisted on taking leave because i wanted to do my 6 weeks postnatal check up. hahaha its been 4 months already and still not done yet! Unfortunately, at the entrance i declared i had cough and sore throats, so they sent me to the flu clinic instead and my number was like 100 away and cldn't do my Glucose Test anyways since i wasn't feeling well! I decided NOT to wait around since baby has already finished his consultation.
4th month Height= 63cm, Weight = 6.3kg (if i understood it correctly from Mummy who seemed unsure)


I also got a feedback that some couldn't imagine what Curled Toes look like.

This is how i tape his last two toes together. This is so that the littlest one won't grow BELOW / UNDER the second last one as it seemed to be doing.

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