First Overnighter w Baby Alone.

Sunday 12th July 09 (3.5months old)

4 of the 11 bestfriends have now been Mummies for a year and they took the opportunity to get together with all the other mummies and new mummies.

Aranda Country Club is the chalet that you can see from Wild Wild Wet. We got a two bedroom suite and it faces The River!!!!!!!!! I was sooo jumping with joy couldn't wait for next day to take the rides. Unfortunately, WWW opens at 1pm, check out is at 10am, my appt @ KK at 3pm = No time.

Another thing that dropped my jaw was seeing a Thomas & Friend's Bouncy House(??) / trampoline for the kids to jump. I LOVE THIS!! At one point, Nul and i went in with our babies... then another adult wanted to step in that's when disaster struck! The bouncy Float became lopsided, pressed to the ground! And the kids were all deliriously screaming but my small li'l Tufeil was traumatized seeing the walls closing in on him. So after the Bounce stabilised, i quickly handed out my baby to safety. It was sooo comical. Poor Tufeil. Let's just hope he won't grow up a claustrophobic.

It's nice to catch up with some of our seniors. I realised most of them gave birth around the same time as i did! Between March and April 09! So we all exchanged notes and gathered round for group feeding.

'Azma kept praising that Tufeil is so... good, sit quietly. and i kept telling her that He's just happy as long as somebody carries him. For example: it was already 9pm when we went bowling till past 11pm. He was being passed around in between my turns but no cry. Alhamdulillah... I just hope he stays a pleasant baby, cause i read that after 3 months, babies start to have preferences favouring some faces more than others.

Hairiah, on the other hand, thought i was confident (is tt the word u used?) bringing the baby out on my own. I dont know why but i grew up feeling guilty if i let other pple do my stuffs for me. Actually i do know why, but its embarassing to say here. haha. So like it or not, heavy or not, diff or not, i persevere.

Also, there were a few instances within the first month of baby's birth where i was nursing baby and kept asking Z to fetch things, tissue lah, pillow lah, hp lah... until he got fed up and said, "Can't you take yourself?" Of course at tt point of time i replied, "I can't move what!" But upon reflection, yeah i should be more independent. Ever since then, even if i forgot to take anything, i will as best as i could, take the things with baby in one arm, the other arm stretching as far as i could in half sitting, half standing position.

As far as possible, I won't ask the maid to handle my baby also. Like i've already written, i would rather wait to pass to my own family. I would also push the stroller myself. It's something i like to do anyways since young. Simply put: Kesian (pity). Not to mention i don't trust her. Only one time i caved in cause i was driving and the only other adult was Kak Ly but Syifaa' was acting up.

But then again, i'm not totally independent since i get the maid to do ALL the other chores for me. I dont hafta make my bed, i dont wash the bottles, let alone the clothes. I dont even iron them. In that sense, u can consider I'm lucky.

In any case, the next day, AFTER checking out, we went to the club's swimming pool. We had it all to ourselves! We dipped for just under an hour. After tt both 'Affaan and Tufeil started to get cranky. 1.5months ago Tufeil needed support using Syifaa's buoy but not anymore. Yay!!

It was a DISASTER trying to change the babies and ourselves. There was no proper place to change baby, but i managed to wash him in the sink (he's afraid of showers - i can understand it might be painful) then put him on the ceramic tile top covered with our own towel. So scary, afraid he might wriggle and fall!

He was all nice and ready on the counter but i dont know what to do with him. I havent changed and was still wet. Cldn't leave him to get ready. So i thought, lay him down on the buoy on the floor. I carried him with a towel between us but he still got wet and refused to be put down! So we found ourselves both feeding the babes in the changing room! Thank God there are seats!

And thankfully 'Affaan the baby has fallen asleep on the same said counter. so we took turns looking after both babies while the other got ready. In the meantime, i had asked my parents to come fetch me.

After the whole fiasco and having to change Tufeil back to yesterday's clothes (POOR BABY!), I cld barely carry 1 big baby bag full of wet clothes on my right shoulder, 1 big bag full of goodies from the party in my left hand, 1 inflated buoy ('Azma helped) and 1 baby in carrier in front. Ayah came to the lobby and i dumped everything into the stroller he brought.


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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

congratz babe, i admire ur perseverance and independance!
Ur meet-ups with ur besties always sound like fun! I have lost touch with most of my school mates :S

Jussaemon said...

Thanks... in a way can't wait for him to be able to crawl / walk. even tho will be more diff to say.. change diaper cos he'll move ard at least can stand on his own doesnt need to be carried ALL the time.

Yeah they are great the besties! Can't wait to go bowling again. Hee