Cousins' Nights

19 - 21st June 09 (2months 3weeks old)

So its the school holidays and my Bro-in-law is out for 40days khuruj (preach) and my parents are in Indonesia, so my sis planned a 2D2N cousins gatherings at her place.

Fri night was quite chaotic. My sis' new house doesnt have enough pillows and/or beds, so we brought many comforters, 1 fan, 1 baby rocker, 2 strollers and other baby changing stuffs.

All 8 cousins, 1aunty, 1 grandma and 2 babies finally arrived and settled down at 10pm and Tufeil was already cranky for his comfort sucking time. only after I put him to his 1hr nap before he wakes up at midnight for another round of comfort sucking to deep sleep did i manage to get my dinner/supper. Fried spaghetti and steak (malay version) and birthday CAKE!!!

Bedtime was .... another round of chaos. Me with baby got special privilege of sleeping on the masterbedroom's queen bed. The host herself and Syifaa' slept on one corner of the floor of her room, the other corner were Ash and Nur. Outside in the living room on the sofa bed were Nenek and Tiah. Spread all over the floor of the living room were Yayan, Hamzah and Cik Girl.

And funnily enough, the maid gets the study room all on her own, albeit on the floor. But we'd rather have her there then join us the girls in the room. ERK! Sorry babe, we're not sisters. I know i may sound nasty / prejudiced or whatever... but we just have issues with her work performance. So much so that i can't trust her with my baby. I'd rather wait to have a family member to be available to hold Tufeil for me than to hand him to her.

Well anyways... Tufeil slept as usual as if on his own bed. But unfortunately Syifaa' woke up at 4am crying down the house!! Don't know what made her so... the heat? nightmare? god knows and Tufeil had to be pacified back to sleep too.




SATURDAY! 2nd swim!

We went to Jurong West Sports center in two cars. Kak Ly and Nur were the designated drivers. (If only i could drive, but i use the travel time to nurse baby) Over there, they have 2 pools, 1 baby water playground and a "river". Before going in, i bought a buoy tt's too big for Tufeil cos we forgot to bring Syifaa's

I saw a family room outside the water complex and asked the officer where can i BF baby. Instead of showing me to tt room cos they said its dangerous (???), nor the first aid room cos pple might come in?, they gave me access to the disabled toilet!!! Ok whatever lah i just take it.

So after changing, we first went into the river. Though the waves and currents were nice, it was a BIG MISTAKE. there were MANY SPRAYS of water all over. Some are very hard even for me and i think it might have hit tufeil on the FACE. and he cried and screamed! Poor baby. So we decided that everytime we need to pass the "rain", i hafta carry him off from the buoy to protect his face. And he cried even more cos he was nicely sleeping but i go and disturb him.

So i said to everybody let's go to the normal 1m deep pool. That's where he slept blissfully. That's when we looked at the time and we had little time left till our parking coupon expires. So i passed the baby to nenek sitting at the side on her wheelchair and changed him (without bathing him!!) cos nenek said he's gonna get cold if i dont and went to play with the rest of the cousins.

Sis said that tt's not good cos babies need to be bathed right after a swim. Ok so now i feel doubly, triply guilty for LEAVING my baby with his great grandma on WHEELCHAIR to have my own fun and DIDN"T wash him properly. HUARGhhhh i'm such a bad mother.

Cik Girl refreshed me how to take breaths in between strokes again. Yayyy!! Now i can do it.. just no stamina to finish 1 breadth, what more a whole length! some of us went up to eat. we were ravenous. on the way there i discovered the slide!!!! I went up 3 times and it was LOVELY!!! my first time ever. At first i was afraid we'd get stuck in the tube. They say its bcos of being fully clothed. But no such thing. I went down like a breeze. the water was nicely hot too!

We got horribly lost on the way home after missing a turn. So we reached home 30min later than the other car. Lucky the maid was at home and didnt follow us so she opened the door for the cousins.

Shortly after our much delayed lunch, half of us went to sent Tiah to work. They took such a long time. It turned out they went to an electrical store to buy Kak Ly a DVD player as a housewarming gift cos earlier we wanted to play a a scary movie Jgn tegur but no player.

In the evening, Yayan and me starting having abdominal pains and some loose stools. And suddenly ALL of us were having it too and there were only 2 toilets!! I had to squeeze close my butt while i feed the baby for 10 - 15min. EXTREME PRESSURE!! We can't pinpoint exactly what food we ate tt was bad. Nur thought it was the egg mayo sandwich cos the mayo is 1 day expired. but it can't be since we stored it in the fridge n its only been a day, plus Ash had a lot of it while i only had 2 but she only went to the toilet once or twice.

The source remained a mystery. But the damage forever remembered. Bcos Yayan n Nur decided at 3am it was too painful to bear they went to a 24hrs clinic and got burnt $250!!! *faint*

Nur was still in pain the next morning, she had to call her fiance to stand in as driver. LOL.


the next 3 days, Kak Ly and i went out everyday just because we had the use of the car. I even get to drive a couple of times. We went to Toa Payoh, Tampines, Marina Square... Airport... It was nice. The only downside was, we had to depend on a maid to carry our things since we had our own hands full with the baby which means we hafta drag her along with us (not tt she minds *roll eyes*). While its not exactly unpleasant to have her around, its just uncomfortable.. like u cant really be yourself with a stranger amongst u at all times. Not to mention having to accomodate for her presence ... eg: cant leave her at home alone w a male family member. Makes Girls outing such a rare occasion. URgh!!

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