What's in a Name - Part 2

So we named our baby Tufeil Hussain Zubair.

The word "Tufeil" comes from the Arabic word Tiflun which means boy. Tufeil is the endearing version of Tiflun.

Although it originates from an Arabic word, i don't suppose it's a popular name amongst Arabs. It's more used in the Pakistani community.

My sister told me that it is also the name of one of Prophet Muhd's sahabat (friends).

but the real question is how to PRONOUNCE it?!?!?!?!?

Mostly, the Malays would say it like "to fail" but i prefer the Pakistani's pronounciation "two fell". Same goes with "Whose Cent" and "Zoo Bear".

The funniest i've ever heard was "Tough - feel". I almost burst out laughing. Then suddenly i realised, oh no... my son is going to have problems with his name thru out his life. What have i done!

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4 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Jus, i got e same problem too. My son's name Uzair suppose to pronounce it as 'azyr' in e pakistani pronouncation but e malays will pronounce it as U-ZA-IR or U-ZE or some will pronounce it as U-JER, lagi merepek but we call him Zyru or Zyre at home! Jus if susah2 u can call him 'kaka' tats wat e punjabi pakistani will call a babi boy.


Nisa AK said...

lolz @ tough-feel.
dun worry, mix-parentage kids are so common now, he'll feel absolutely normal with all the various mispronounced names, cultures and looks :D

Anonymous said...

*baby boy

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

count me in this prob.. I have so much time correcting people about Siddiq's(Sid-diq with the Q being pronounced at the throat.. if only they all know about qolqalah...)
Some people insist in calling him Si-dek or Si-dik... I tell you my in-laws will hit the roof if they heard how his name is being pronounced here...
So i now also introduced him as Zaheer Shah... guess what still i encounter probs... :s