Lost my Bag! Almost.

Fri, 31st July 09

We went to Hei Sushi at Sembawang Shopping Centre for dinner. Took a cab there.

I contemplated wearing the carrier in the cab after Tufeil had finished drinking. That's when i took off my backpack.

Alighting with 2 babies and 2 strollers were chaotic. Just a min after the taxi's moved off did i realise i left my bag in there! Quickly asked Kak Ly to call the taxi company to report its loss.

I had no idea how i had remained calm thru out. Even when the Comfort didn't call back with any feedback. We doubted that the driver would steal my bag cos he seemed very nice helping us with the stroller and all. Maybe its the next passenger who bagged it.

Oh well... i dont really need my hp as nobody exciting calls/msgs me anyway.. my 2 credit cards only have $500 limit... They don't know my pin no for ATM... and there were $40 cash in it. ok there would be a hefty fine to get a your ID replaced but i tot not for first timer?

We took our own sweet time dining japanese style. We even waited for my mother to come even after last orders at 9:30pm. Just as we were leaving, the house no called. It's the maid! This is a surprise because she is not allowed to answer / make phone calls nor open doors. She said somebody has been banging at the door for the past 30min yelling, "HELLO HELLO!"

The maid quickly turned off the light at the service balcony but too late, he saw it already. We being at 2nd floor, he went down under the balcony's window and shouted again HELLO HELLO. He prolly said or explained a bit more in English but the maid didnt understand. We told the maid to hang in there and NOT to open the door at any cost!

Then we called our neighbour. Asked her to help look out who's at the door and told her we were on our way home by cab.

When we reached home and wanted to take the lift up, somebody called after us. It's the cab driver!! He said he had been waiting for us for an hour already but had passed my bag to my neighbour. He again and again reiterated that he didn't take anything and even apologised to me for opening my wallet to look for an address. In my mind i was thinking, "There's no apology needed. In fact, i'm indebted to you!" My mum even offered some money as a gift but he profusely refused. I said, "Nevermind lah, it's for your petrol coming here all the way." and mummy added, "Nevermind lah it's for your children." Funny thing was he replied with, "Ok i give it back to the baby." He left saying that his parking coupon has expired. Gosh! How righteous this person is!

We chatted with our neighbour afterwards. Turned out, we reported the loss at a different company!!! He was driving a Silver Premier cab. *Slap forehead* and He just referred himself as Mr Lee. Even refused to give his hp no to my neighbour.

Poor him. He must have been scorned before trying to be a good samaritan.

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