Is BreastFeeding Cheaper?

How did i decide to breastfeed?

  1. Its good for baby
  2. Peer pressure (everybody's doing it)
  3. Cheaper

But is it really cheaper? Things i bought or needed to buy to sustain this:

  1. Electric pump $100 (ok maybe non BF mummies also need a pump to help engorgement but perhaps a manual one would do?)
  2. Breast Pads. I wear Madela washable ones @ $16 for 2 which last me a month?
  3. Disposable Breast Pads. In case of emergency. $8 for 32pcs. Lasts 2 months i hope.
  4. Lansinoh Milk Bag @ $15-18 per 25pcs. which lasts only 6 working days.
  5. Cooler Bag to transport the BM. I think it was about $20.
  6. Nursing tops $50 each. I know this is not necessary but i can't help it! =D
  7. More diapers as breastmilk is easier to digest resulting more output. lol
  8. More money for food cause i'm always so hungry!!!

I've only just unearthed Avent reusable cups from the back of my wardrobe that Z bought a long time ago. (3months actually haha) I supposed that was around $20. There are 10cups and i've switched to this one already.

At first i didn't use them cos its shape wastes a lot of space in the freezer. Now i to store it in chiller for a short time, so there should be more than enough space. BUT! I've already bought 3 packets of the plastic milkbags. Heart pain! Ok nevermind i'll reserve that for emergency purposes say the cups are not washed or all in use... or if i wanna store it in freezer. But 3 x 25pcs will take a SUPER LONG TIME To finish.

(Haha ok as i write this entry i've only just noticed i have a lot of "for emergency cases" things. Even my clothes and scarves, stationeries, shoes there are "for emergency" categories. I'm such a sicko!)

Hopefully with the Avent cups i will save a lot more. I dont dare do the maths, but is BF really cheaper after the figures above? Look quite unlikely. Formula milk is only what? $20-30 that can last a whole month. I got a lot of bottles from the gift packs. Ok some may argue that BFed babies are less likely to fall sick = save on doctor's fee... but surely not that much that often?

But of course, at the end of the day, its the Baby's health that's more important and the bonding experience. =)

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7 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

formula cos ard $50+ for 1 mth(i'm using mamil gold). once he gets older will be $50x2 for 1 mth... well that wat it cost me anyway.. great job with the breastfeeding!! :D

Jussaemon said...

Ohhh $50. I had no idea. Quite ex eh. if i continue using milk bags then it would be equivalent i think.

Fara said...

Jus, formula also not cheap, my son drink similac n it cost around $36 n can last for about nine days.

farrah said...

now you dont really see the savings. later on, when the appetite is bigger you'll find that you will be saving substantially on the formula. i breastfed all the way, only using formula in emergency situations. i also use the avent cups. soon tufeil's feed will be one whole cup at a time, so you won't really be wasting space. as for the breastpads, i didn't use the proper ones haha i just went to ikea and bought some cheapo thin handtowels to fold and insert in my bra.

Jussaemon said...

Ohhh ok $36/week is rather Ex.

Oh yes good idea to use them towels! Also, My friend said she buys TOlly Joy extra super cheap can't remember how much maybe $6-8 and has got 36 PAIRS! not pieces. Berbaloi!

Anonymous said...

urs is pieces?? tolly joy is pairs! much cheaper. but after a while u shouldn't nd it at all. towels or tissues is gd enough.

Anonymous said...

hello! i thought i shouldn't at all try to say anything here but just hand you a breastfeeding book :) heh. cos it does sound like your list of why you chose to breastfeed is not persuasive enough! there are many many more reasons why bfeeding is the best choice for mommies who are able to, and i suppose in this day and age we are very very fortunate to be blessed with all these bfeeding "accessories" to make bfeeding easier than it was for our (working) moms in their time (pumps used to be unaffordable and nursing tops were unheard of). but alot of these are nice to haves, and as long as you spend smartly, u shouldn't be spending more than on formula, so don't worry k. actually i spend almost nothing now, since i no longer use much of the bags and pads now that umar is drinking more.

but anyway, the benefits outweigh any costs insyaAllah... and this ain't peer pressure dear, u'll see the benefits in time and u'll realise why we are all such evangelists!