What We Did on 2nd Day of Eid

Wed, 31st Aug 2011

After lunch treat courtesy of 1st sis @ Swensen's, Me, Tufeil, Ash, Mum & Syifaa' decided to get Mum 'n' Tots promo at Cathay to watch Cars 2! If you guys don't know already, on most night, Tufeil watches Cars the movie to sleep. He also likes to watch Mater's Tall tales on youtube. He has quite a handful of Cars paraphernalia.

Mater is bigger than Tufeil

McQueen got camouflaged

There were real tyres!!

Jump Jump

It's been a year since I first brought Tufeil to the movies and that didn't turn out good. I left after just 30 or 40min. So it's only natural that I'm a bit nervous at the prospect of going to the cinema with him again. Granted, he absolutely LOVES Cars but... anything can happen.

The 2.30pm show on a work day was not crowded. Nice! Tufeil got a booster seat. It's gonna be his naptime soon and I was afraid he'd get cranky and couldn't sleep for the loud noise. But he remain transfixed to the screen for the first 45min or so and then suddenly he came to me and said he was sleepy and prompty fell asleep on my shoulder. SWEET! I did mean that he missed half of the show but I guess I can always download or buy the dvd someday for him to watch.

It was a good day.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Bridget said...

Tell Tufiel he & I have a lot in common. I fell asleep during Cars 2 also!!

Jussaemon said...

Hahahah actually my mun fell asleep too! When she came to she asked me "where's mcQueen?" cos she only saw Mater