"Ada Monster!"

Sunday 18th sept 2011

We woke up from our nap at 4pm and Tufeil wanted the choc i promised him if he took the nap and wanted to watch TV in the living room.

He stopped short at the end of the dining area where the fan is, looked at the sitting area and said

"ada monster!" (there's a monster!)

I dismissed him and proceeded to turn on the lights and fan to prove to him its ok. But instead he started to cry!

Now.. As a mother u tend to know when ur child is genuinely hurt or he's just milking it. And at tt point, i knew his fear was real. I quickly grabbed him, read a string of prayers and went into my parents' room. They jumped awake hearing him cry. And i thought to myself, "thank god im not alone!"

We talked and played on the bed for awhile... Then when my dad was ready i asked him to bring Tufeil out for an "its alright tour".

Later that evening, we went out for dinner and some errands. We reached home quite late almost 11pm. The moment we stepped in, he pointed to the living room again and said "ada monster". I didnt dare to analyze his cry, i blocked out my own fear, went straight to our room while calming him down.

Last night, ny parents picked me up from work at 9.30pm, then went grocery shopping. Reached home 11pm again. He started whining.. His face told me he was afraid but i believe its more bcos he still remembered the image he saw the other day rather than it was really there.

Seriously, i need to do something. The usual Ayat Kursi and 3 Quls dont seem to keep them at bay. The nightmares keep coming...

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