My CNY 2010 Holiday

It's a SUPER LONG Weekend and we had a good time!

Sat, 13th Feb (10.5months old)

We went to Fidgets @ Turf City. Tufeil woke up at 8.30. So by 10am, we cabbed it there.

It was my first time being at Turf City. And i hafta say it looks very.... OLD.

Likewise, it was a big of a disappointment when i saw the indoor playground. The lights make it look boring and dull. The baby area is minimal. Worse, its soo small, i can't go in to help Tufeil with the slide. But i love the mini cars! Tufeil cant reach yet nor know what to do w it, though.

Slide in the background.

Loved the balls but wldnt crawl around.

Im a baby too!

In the middle of play, it was Tufeil's naptime. Managed to rest for 30min before he woke up by some children's screams.

In the Big Kid's Playground now

It was much more exciting there. For me. LOL. I love how Tufeil held the ball well. Because he used to not be able to control his grasp well.

The cafe said that they bought all their ingredients from Giant's Halal dept or whatever but i still felt cautious, so didnt buy anything save for Mac'n'Cheese for Tufeil. the Mac was sooo rubbery, i had to break 1 macaroni into 6 pieces b4 giving it to T. He LOVED it, tho.

Took the free shuttle to Toa Payoh and lunched at Burger King. HAH!

Sun, 14th Feb.

As it happened, Ash got free tix for my parents to watch Everybody's Fine starring Robert de Niro. And i tot, Hey! Since this is a family drama (ie not too loud for Tufeil as an action packed) movie, I wanna join in too! Luckily, i got a ticket right next to my parents' seats.

Here we go!

Tufeil was just slightly cranky before the show. But i planned to nurse him in the cinema so he'll become quiet. Just after the show's started, I called Ayah - who was entertaining T outside - in. Gave him his milk. Thankfully, the person next to me is a malay girl in tudung and all. T kept turning to look at her. and we smiled. But this is only effective for like.. 10min.

After that, he wanted to play! So, taking Mummy's idea, i went down to the first row right in front of the screen. There was a small light at the corner so i sat him there while feeding him a biscuit. Unfortunately, the half biscuit's finished and i wanted to go back up to my bag to get another piece when i heard somebody said, "Get Him Out!" I then, quickly detoured out of the theatre, much embarassed. There was a short flight of stairs just by the door and i let him climbed up and played there for awhile.

Got tired and decided, i wldn't be going back inside but its only 45min thru the show. I waited for another 30min before Ash would finish with hers.

So we explored the kiddy section @ Cathay Level 9.

Even let him finger the stickers on the floor.

He was particularly intrigued by the blue splats.

What made it worse was, i was still recovering from a slight diarrhoea. So while everybody was in the movies, i had a calling but had no choice but to restrain the desire to go to the loo. LOL. and i managed to. Thank God.

When we met Ash, i suddenly had the idea that i could go back inside while he played w her. Oh well i only got the last 20min of the show. Pathetic but i'd grab anything that i can get lor.

I related the Get Him Out incident to the family, Ayah said that he had noted there was this lady just two rows in front of us who asked, "Later when the movie start how?" when T was crying during the LOUD advertisements. Ayah said they didnt hear T's cute playing voices at all. Even if they did, it was very distant and faint. That lady was just petty. and this kinda observation doesnt come from him very often.

And i sort of regretted being overly embarassed by the incident and should have just continued sitting in as long as i could. After all, he was just playing / talking... not WAILING or anything. More so when i came out and saw T asleep in Ash's arms. I could have soothed him to sleep in the cinema and caught the whole show. Cheh!

Next time, maybe?
Mon 15th Feb 10

idn't do much except for dinner (or was it lunch?) at Siam Kitchen at Causeway Point.

Tues 16th Feb 10

e went out right after Tufeil woke up at 8.30am and prepared our bfast. Walked to Woodlands Sports Complex in swimming attire all but ate first. Maybe because we didnt straight away jump into the waters, Tufeil was somewhat excited by the goings-on around him and wasn't afraid of the water at all. The water was just as cold as Sengkang's but he was still ok with it.

Spent about 1.5hours there! hahaha Tufeil got wrinkly after just 15min!

Showering him was quite ok. Just a quick one with him on the floor. Changing him was quite difficult but after 5min i got him dressed single-handedly. I had to repeatedly ask him to stand up while he kept going down on sitting position. Forgot to bring Minyak Telon! Also forgot to bring some of my own things, but since u can't actually see it... so whatever lah! Thank god its just a short walk back home!


That must have explained the restlessness i felt when i got back to work the next day. SO TIRED!!!!!!

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