A Perfect Kind of Saturday

17th September 2011

The day start quite early at 9am when Tufeil woke up. I forced myself to wake up and entertain him in order to start the day good. Otherwise, he would scream and scream and scream if I ignore him.

After having Pizza for breakfast (last night's leftover), I managed to cook two dishes for Tufeil for the weeks ahead. Just simple Pasta w minced chicken (canned pasta sauce haha) and Chicken Baked Rice (canned mushroom soup).

Suddenly almost 1pm, Tufeil declared he was sleepy and wanted a nap. I totally JUMPED at the opportunity and we both napped.. me till 4pm and T till 5pm! My 2nd sis called me like 10 times (phone always silenced at home) to tell me to get ready to go out.

Got ready as quick as lightning, walked to her place and got a taxi to... ION Orchard!
His ensemble for the day.
Because I didn't put on for him any socks (they are either outgrown or mismatched), I promised to get him a pair at Orchard, later.

Umar can fit in the stroller now!

We are here!!
First order of the evening: DINNER @ Fish & Co

I was pleasantly surprised at how prompt their service was that night. I had lunch at Suntec's branch twice and it took 30min for my fish n chips to arrive! And you know how precious lunch time is!!! Made me mad!

Anyway, they promptly seated us at a convenient seat to put a high chair and a stroller at the side. Gave us the kid's menu cum colouring sheet!
How come his smile seems more like a wince. LOL

Tufeil didn't mind sitting on the high chair cos he got to colour!

Fish Bites w Chips for Tufeil and Fish n Rice for Syifaa'
Love that they have kid's utencils and all!

We have Mushroom Chowder soup. Ly, my sister, thought it was a bit too floury. I tot the shitake mushroom tasted bitter, but then again, I don't really like shitake.

We shared the Seafood Platter for 1. Only about 15minutes into dinner, Umar was restless in his stroller so my poor sister had to hold him in one hand, ate with the other. Thankfully, by that time, Syifaa' also decided she's had enough and entertained Umar for a bit. Made me reminisce the time when Tufeil was young and I had to eat sooo quickly bla bla bla...

NOw when Tufeil gets restless, I just let him run around in the restaurant. =)
What's this?

Pirate's Hat that comes with the $6 kid's meal

We went straight to the prayer room at Royal Plaza. We took turns to pray bcos there was a flight of stairs and we cldn't carry the Stroller up.
Candles are a bit dangerous ley!

The ran around barefooted! *bags face*


Made of Macaroons!!
And then it was shopping time @ Isetan. M.A.C for Ly, Toys section for me.
Mirror = Golden Opportunity!
I couldn't stand looking at the Osh Kosh B'Gosh denim long overalls and bought Tufeil one even tho its priced at $60! Cos he's outgrown all his current ones! I also bought a Goofy Story book, a box of blocks @ $40 U.P. $50 But regretted it cos they are soo small!! Finally found 2 pairs of socks his size. and also he really wanted this toy ambulance. When we left the store, i realised it's not with us anymore! I actually called the number to register as LOST but to date, no calls from them. boohoohooooo...

And then we took the cab to airport. Wanted to send one of the 11 BestFriends off to Leeds for a year!
Mummy Y and the Kids

The real mummies took a break while Mummy Y entertained the kids

All of us who were there
Luckily, my our next door neighbour who is Nan's relative was also there. They gave us a ride home. Reached home 12.30am, Tufeil asleep....

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Jussaemon said...

I would really like to thank Tai Rong from ISETAN Scotts for taking the trouble to find the "lost" Mega Block red ambulance with an Isetan Sticker on the tag to mark as PAID. EXCELLENT SERVICE!