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Wed, 7th September 2011

It was a work day but i took half day in the afternoon to join my sisters' group of friends for yet more visiting. Luckily I didn't take a full day's off, it would have been a waste. I finished at 12.30pm and reached the first house, Kak Aiman's in Tampines, 45min later, being 15minutes late and still just the 2nd guest to arrive!

I took the chance to eat first before my son came with his aunties. Very nice fried Kway Teow.

The Adults chatting around the dinner table

Kids eating on the floor

Running around, taking turns being carried by me cause they wanted to see the elephant photo.

Playing "masak2" (Cooking) on the floor

 It was only at 3pm did we finally move off to the 2nd house, Kak Aesha, still in Tampines.
Kak Masturah's brood.
Nice swing!!
Asking for strawberries

Embarassing incident: Tufeil picked out just the strawberries from the top of a custard tart and ate them. He took a second set, and about to take another before i had to stop him! He cried and cried he really wanted more strawberries. Luckily, the host got more in the kitchen and gave him just the cut strawberries. And still asked for another helping! *paisei* (Nasib baik cute, jadi org pun tak kisah nak kasi makanan  hahaha)

Here, the kids were really starting to warm up. They ran around ...

...And hid under tables from Aamaniy, Kak Aiman's daughter

When we left, we found out that we all got fined $10 or $20 for overstaying longer than our 30min parking coupon.

Then we reached Kak Zakiah's new place in Pasir Ris.
Love her daughter, Sophia's room!

By now, they were all playing independently together. I left Tufeil totally, while the adults heard a breaking news in the sitting area.
He saw a bigger McQueen from the one he has and brought.

Not all quiet though. I had to reprimand Tufeil several times to let other people play with McQueen, something or other.
Sayang Bear

I was on baby duty while...

The friends were eating
It was some sort of Kacang Phool (Kidney Bean Chili) with yummy garlic bread.

At 6.30pm, we moved off to Punggol, Kak Masturah's place. After doing our prayers, we had Tomato Noodles for dinner! (Reminiscent of our school days when the canteen served us this) Yummy!!!!

And then it was karaoke time!
Needless to say, the kids fought over the mic

A short clip of the chaos while trying to sing

There were other mics but there were not working. Tufeil was not to be fooled!

We promised to come back later for serious singing time, minus the kids!!

At this point, Kak Rahmah also joined us. Finally finally met her children in flesh and blood. Only ever read from her blog and twitter. =)

It was prolly 9pm when we finally made our way to my sister's house. I helped to play host since she's alone. By this time, I was sooo tired I didn't care much for pictures. The only one i got is of Tufeil...

Playing with Barbie again!!

Hmmm Maybe I should start buying him some action figures. He's starting to say things like "Tufeil suka princess" (I like princess). I'm sure it's normal and it nurtures creativity or caring thoughts when you play with dolls... but...

It was 11.30pm by the time we walked the few steps home!!

To be honest, it was kinda awkward hanging out with them at first because they are technically not my friends / age group being 5 years senior in school. So, I totally understand why Abg Fai (my bro in law) left after the 2nd house, being the only man and all! But after awhile, it was such a hoot.

The thing I like about going out with them is, they made a point of taking a group picture at each and every house. Well... that's not a terribly mean feat considering that 6 out of 8 kids are 4yrs and above! But alas, i think i look horrible in all of them! hahahaha

All in all, my half day afternoon leave was totally worth it. To think that i almost gave it a miss!

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