Tufeil turned 2yrs and 5 months

Recently, Tufeil's learnt to make the hand peace sign... or number 2 sign.

Tufeil disturbing his nenek's rice to make ketupat.
Also, somehow, suddenly he got better at taking medicine. We used to struggle and physically chain his limbs, press his nose so he would swallow them. I think now with his Atok's encouragement (Excellent!!) and Nenek's creativity of calling the meds by fruit - proximity by colour, he readily opened his mouth and took the meds 1ml by 1ml.

What are you wearing, Tufeil?
Don't get me wrong, he still cries. Need to coax him, pep-talk him then he'll open when he's ready. To be honest, even way before this he did exclaim "Tufeil tak nak baring!" (Don't lay me down) or "Jgn pegang mulut!" (Don't touch my mouth/face) but we couldn't do anything else since he refused to open up.
A Sarban that Atok helped to put on
Speaking of medicines, I got a bit worried that after a week of medicine, the symtomps (spellcheck!) still prevail. He had persistent cough esp in mid of the night. His runny nose is like a permanent resident making him look forever unkempt with dried cooties on his cheeks! Melayu cakap "dah berkerak!" LOL
Smaller one
So the GP suggested to start him on a Lung Tonic. Basically this is antihistamine. to be taken twice a day 5ml each time religiously for a month to see if it's effective on him. Success rate 6/10. If it is, then we hafta continue with the medicine till whenever. If it doesn't, we hafta escalate to Level 2 or see a Paed. We hafta do this before he becomes officially asthmatic.

 Bad news is this might increase his appetite! "Oh no!" I said, "I don't want him to get fat because of this!" As it is, he's a good eater already.

But we were told to avoid FRUITS altogether except room temperature RED APPLE. Even bananas can cause phlegm. =( HOW!? Doesn't Tufeil need the vitamins from fruits? He doesn't eat veges (like his mum), fruits is his saving grace amongst all the fried stuffs, fast food and junks. I better get those Halal Gummy Bears Vit C ASAP!
Action merajuk
Alamak seluar pendek pulak.

He can also climb in and down the car easily without me having to give a hand.

So yah. That's the round up for the month.

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2 glasses of Juice:

The 6 of Us said...

Kesiannya Tufeil (has to take meds continuously and avoid fruits!) Good idea your parents try to psycho him re the meds... I have the reverse problem Hakim loves meds i.e. when someone else is sick and he's not, he also wants to eat the meds. But when I tell him he doesn't need them as he's not sick, he'll then start to fake a cough and say, "Ibu, I'm coughing, I'm sick." Also he's a vitamin/health supplement freak (have to hide all the vit C etc else he kerjakan macam gula2) and even "fights" with Hafiy over chix essence (the Brands/New moon type which tastes horrible to me!). I think the reason why my kids don't mind meds is because we psycho them from small that meds are like treats and they only get to "enjoy" them as "rewards" when they're sick! LOL now dah over-effective pulak!

Jussaemon said...

WOW!!! But sis, that's a good problem! haha.

But actually we are not steadfast in giving him the meds and not very strict with fruit intake! Goreng Pisang pun bedal jugak!