SWPH BerHari Raya... Not Quite.

Saturday, 24th September 2011.

This is the last weekend of Syawal and I made the most of it. the SWPH group was supposed to meet at Fara's then visit Sue's, Nisa's and my house. As it turned out Fara couldn't make it because of family medical matter. Instead of calling the whole thing off, I suggested we just chilled at Sue's.

Tufeil and I woke up at 9.30am, got dressed and went for lunch at Long John Silver before taking the bus to tampines. Planned to take the cab from there to Bedok Reservoir but none was in sight. Luckily, there was another bus. Tufeil was already asleep. I had to walk from the bus stop to her block carrying a probably 11kg kid. Worse was I walked in the wrong direction!

This was Sue's own place. New house. New baby. Swell! I totally left Tufeil to his own devices playing with 3 other kids. Good thing Sameer doesn't mind playing with the little kids. Good boy he is =D

A short clip of SiddiQ and Tufeil "scratching" disks like deejays.

Siddiq's room!
We spent almost 3hours just talking and chillaxing! We should totally do this again, ladies!

Nisa, Sameer, Me & T by the common corridor

Afterwards, Me & T went to Tampines Interchange. It was frustrating that I had to carry him all the way everywhere! He didn't wanna walk! But I really needed to go to Starhub shop. I enquired about Blackberry Torch.. they have limited stocks and not buying more... I thought could recontract 6 months earlier but its only 3 months earlier =( I shall be patient for another 3 months then...

We took 168 home. It was just about dusk/maghrib time as we were walking home... Tufeil was asleep. I hoped to God he won't wake up so he won't hafta look at the Living Room when we come in. Alhamdulillah, he only woke up when i attempted to put him on the bed in the room. That's where we spent the entire night... with a couple of trips to the kitchen but totally avoided the Monster area.

I just got news that a neighbour told my other neighbour that she felt uneasy too when she came home late the last few nights. Aiyoooo

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

awww..miss raya-ing with u all. My girls was excited cos I told them a week earlier. Insyallah will meet up soon. Keep ya prayers for my cousin. May Allah ease his pain and grant him a long healthy life. Amin


Jussaemon said...

Awww yah it wldve bn funner w your girls. Mesti kecoh! But Sisqa (spell?) siddiq's cousin a bit bored being the only girl. We can hv another potluck lunch!

Yah i saw his pictures on ur FB last night. May Allah ease his pain.. Ameen