First weekend of Shawal

Sat, 3rd September 11

The plan was to visit my maternal aunt in JB (that's Johor Bahru in Malaysia which is a short drive away) who is recovering from a road accident. It took an hour to clear Malaysian custom but we eventually reached her place at 2pm.

Tufeil's get up today

This outfit is from last year's and he could still fit! Luckily, my mum did not cut away the hem when we altered the length shorter.
What are the boys looking at?

3 rabbits in a two storey house!

The girls

We were treated to Asam Pedas Fish & chicken. It's been a long time since I ate white rice.

Next, we went to my bro in law's relative about 20min drive away. The moment I stepped into her house, felt like i was transported into a Malaysian TV Drama.

The Front yard, if you may

Living Room

My one and only photo throughout the day

 There's a little step to the dining area...

We were served Mee Siam and Cocktail Jelly for Dessert

Vanity mirror the the stairs.
This pic of me doesn't count cos its so tiny

Syifaa' & Tufeil straight away played by the stairs despite our constant warnings
Stairs can be a dangerous place to play (I don't mind that as much as my dad does). Not only that, the thing I'm more concerned about is you're not supposed to roam around people's houses without their prior invitation! How am i supposed to instill that in my child?

My mum said the 3 of us girls when we were small, we were sooo quiet and sat still on the sofa just talked among ourselves. We were shy to play with other kids, let alone go into people's rooms! Now how come the 3rd generation didn't follow suit??

Anyway, the house layout is so nice made us, or rather my parents. dream of having a semi-detached house too.... but we are wayyy awayyy from that dream. Besides, there was a scary incident a few days ago. Her neighbour's relatives came to visit from Singapore in a few cars. Suddenly, in the middle of the "chaos", 3 armed men entered the house via the widely open gate and asked all of the relatives to take out their cash and strip their jewelleries! Ever since then, one of the other neighbours hire a security guard!

Next house, we went to my uncle's place @ Yew Tee. This is the best house to be because there are lots of children to entertain Tufeil! I totally ate in peace. The only problem is, it also means that it's diff to get T to sit down and eat his dinner! He ran around from room to room in between mouthfuls.

Out of all the toys, he played with Barbie

But this barbie is a superhero. She can fly!
I felt a bit unsatisfied though ... I wanna visit more houses! (Houses, not people hehe)

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