Raya Visiting on East Side

Sunday, 4th Sept 11

It wasn't till 12.30pm that we went out. Even then, only to my sister's house which is two blocks away. In a way, it's good that we are not under pressure to wake up early and get ready quickly... but the downside is, we don't really have a lot of time to visit..

Are we sisters or are we Mum & Daughter?

We are cousins
We are a family
First official Stop: Cousin Nur's new place in Pasir Ris. Best!

Playing on big sofa

We are purple

oohing and aahing at their travel knick knacks


"Ini Abang Tufeil lah..."
"This is Bro Tufeil"

Sayang Kakak
2nd House: Nek Milah which is just a few blocks away.

Two kids sitting quietly.... NOT

NOw they are playing with Umar's shawl and wrap my dad!

3rd Stop: Extremely late lunch at Ocean Seafood Restaurant @ Downtown East
OOps the Black Pepper Beef rice was too hot for Tufeil, he only ate the rice with some prawn from others

4th Stop: Simei!!!
Maghrib Prayer

Piggy back!

Tufeil was so amused by Uncle Ayid the Army guy. He kept asking me to see Spongebob. So i told him to ask from Uncle Ayid to whom it belongs to. Then when he brought it out, Tufeil cried didn't wanna look at it. I think because his nose protrudes out. hhahaa. Nak, tapi takut.

Last house for the day is my cousin Taufiq and family in Tampines. Relatively new house. It was my first time there. *JAW DROP!* Very nice!! No pictures because i was busy fending Tufeil off the sweets and then showering him. Also because, i feel a bit paisey (embarassed) to take pictures lah. Like country bumpkin or something :P

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