Pick me! Pick me!

I'm supposed to write about how me and my colleagues went out for Eid visiting for the first time! But I haven't saved the pictures they've tagged me on FB yet... So you hafta take this instead...

I'm not sure if this is being OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or not but I have this sort of habit to finish my stash before opening a new packet or box of something. For example, my stock of treasury tags, the green strings...

Please excuse the messiness of my drawer

Most of the time I will finish the ones that had been taken out from the box earlier, to the very last piece, before opening a new one. I feel like they're calling me to use them... they don't wanna stay in the drawer for long. They wanna be useful!

I will feel upset when a pen, whose ink I have been trying to finish before using a new one, suddenly disappear! It's like I don't have closure to using it till the very last drop!

At the grocery store when buying milk, I can't help feeling guilty when I choose the carton with the longest expiry date because I know I won't be using it to cook within the week.

I can almost hear them scream "Pick me! Pick me!!" Maybe I even sometimes secretly say, "Sorry, I have no choice."

Do you have this kinda though too? Or is it just me?

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