Where the Smurf Are We?

Wed 14th September 2011,

Ash has been dying to watch Smurf. She asked my parents, Tufeil and me along. I'm not so into Smurfs the cartoon but just followed along. A bit nervous about Tufeil because:

  1. This is not 100% cartoon,
  2. he's not familiar with Smurfs and
  3. We are watching the 7.15pm show (read: he won't be sleepy and might get agitated having to sit for 2 hours)
  4. We are cheapo, we took 2 couple seats for the 4 adults and Tufeil sat in between Ash and me.

The Irish Smurf is soooooooooooooo funny!! I like Clumsy at the ending....

I don't agree why Papa Smurf had to "sacrifice" himself to Gargamel. He knows he would be captured and Gargamel would gain POWER by extracting his essence and could therefore stop and hurt his family and the whole human race so why not just run???

Anyways, Tufeil was good for the first half hour or so... He sat still eating fries and burger... And then occasionally he would stand up against the front seat. There was a chaotic moment where the mineral water slipped under the chair and I had to retrieve it...

After that, he walked over to my dad's seat, and then dragged him to the front and then he ran around the whole theatre, in semi-darkness. *shake head* At least, he didn't cry. But he did talk quite loudly, "Mummy, itu org jahat?" (That's the bad guy?) "Mummy, Cat ketawa" (Cat's laughing). Fortunately, we sat at the last row and near the aisle so won't really disturb other people much.

Dinner @ Banquet and we were home by 9.45pm. Nice...

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