Hari Raya 2011

Tuesday 30th Auguest 2011

Hmmm We (I mean Tufeil and I) missed Eid prayer this year. The last time I went was prolly when I was still pregnant.

It's so nice that in recent year, we didn't get nagged so much to get ready and houses to visit in the first day dropped to just 4 or 5. Although I missed going to lotsa places, it's a relief we get to reach home as early as 9.30pm.

Our outfit this year is grey. We bough Tufeil's as early as June. And I tailor made mine at ModKebaya in April! But was very disappointed when I saw the end result. I wasn't brave enough to pull off a grey top with RED batik skirt! Besides, it was tight and the material stiff. Hate it. On top of the money i spent on the outfit, Mum got the top Blinged for SGD 20 at JB and I bought another wrap around black/silver skirt from Fara's shop to match. This year will also mark the beginning of my (proper) shawl era, i think. LOL

First Stop: Nenek Jah's (my Bro-in-Law's parents place)

No one was around, so we managed to eat a proper brunch.

Tufeil felt right at home and asked for a toy from the Play Room!

Syifaa' & Titi (Short for Aunty Siti)

The Ladies

The Goodies
2nd Stop: Pak Long (My dad's first brother)
A bunch of kids playing and arguing and crying

Tufeil playing with 6mth old Aariz (my cousin's 3rd son)
3rd stop: Yot Husainy (my mom's dad)

Finally got a snap of his full get up.
Yes, he liked to pull his songkok (headgear) down low his brows


on the 2nd floor of the penthouse

Tufeil calling for Aunty Nol, Uncle Ben, etc

The theme of the decor seems to be Mediterranean as my uncle just came back from a 3yr Dubai job. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing in one of the open air rooms on the 2nd floor.
Syifaa' with cooking set

Tufeil refuelling the car

4th Stop: Nek Long (Mum's first maternal Aunt)

We reached here about 5pm and Tufeil still hadn't had his nap!! He was either too excited to play with toys or the journey in the car too short to settle down. But an hour later (still at the same place), he finally surrendered. Even then, he had to watch youtube while hugging me before he could finally snooze.

Speaking of which, i really hate it when he got hold of my phone. He would totally be captivated by it and didn't really care about people around him. Not to mention that it made it diff for me to take pictures! The only positive is that he won't really care what goes into his mouth either, making mealtime somewhat "easier".

Peace - his new favourite sign
5th Stop: Yot Mon (My maternal grandma)
Funny question of the day: How many teeth does he have now? And: Errrr All? He's 2 years already.
Watching Boy the Hamster

Mother & Son.
Finally managed to get a "decent" photo of us together. But i'm still not satisfied! Lucky for us, there will be more visiting this coming weekends... hopefully then we can get better pictures.

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2 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Eid mubarak! You both look so adorable! MashaAllah.

Btw, what did you mean by proper shawl era?

Jussaemon said...

Eid mibarak to u too! Thanks!

Oh i for so long always wear the 45" square scarf tt i make into triangle. Only now i've just learnt to wear the 1.5m long rectangle shawl tt wraps around ur head kinda headgear. Know what i mean?