11 Sekawan BerHari-Raya

Sat 10th September 2011,

Title means "11 Friends Celebrating Eid"

Usually we will go out on a group on 3rd or 4th week of the month of Syawal. But this year is special because our dear friend Hanani will be going overseas for a year next week so we meet earlier. Only 9 of us could make it though + 10 kids.

First Stop: Y's Open House.

My parents dropped me off at 12.15pm thereabouts. I arrived just a little bit before Nan and Husainy. My hand was full with Tufeil = no pictures. Because it was about to rain, and the guests were getting more and more, Me, Nan and Zi decided to wait for the others at...

2nd Stop: Nan's place ...

...a short distance away. Her house now has got two main doors! A new one was constructed to give access to the new lift on each level.

I got to watch most of Magika while Tufeil entertained himself with Husainy's numerous toys. Nice! Don't know why couldn't bring myself to snap photos....

It was 3pm by the time we moved off to ...

3rd Stop: 'Azma's place.

I took Fit's car and Tufeil promptly fell asleep. I was quite surprised because the car ride was prolly only 10minutes. Shows that he was extremely beat. So I was basically incapacitated the whole hour we were there = no pictures too. She served us with some noodles, my friend Hid had to feed me a few bites. I don't dare to put Tufeil down on a bed anywhere, he'll sure to wake!

4th Stop: 'Ainul's place.

Tufeil woke up just as we got down the car. Good timing. And he played and played at the toy's section...

This boy conquered this car

Aufa (Fit's) is too cute!!!
It was 6.30pm when we moved off to...

5th Stop: MY HOME!

I was a bit nervous at letting my friends in because I didn't expect them to want to drop by, reason being they just did not a month ago for Iftar and we might not have time to cover all houses. As it happened, quite a few people were not at home so and I have Chocolate Cornflakes Macaroon, so... yeah..

Because I hadn't yet prayed 'Asr, it was sooo frantic = no pictures! Luckily, my parents came back from their own visiting a few blocks away and helped to serve/entertain my friends.

 Before long, we set out towards...

6th Stop: Hidayah's Haven.

We were treated with Kway Teow Goreng was it? and some nuggets. and.... a CAT!!! All the kids were mad about the Cat but unfortunately it was afraid of stranger and hid under sofa and behind bed.

We also attempted to take picture of ALL 10 kids!

From left: 1.latest addition to the gang is 'Abdullah, white is Shauqy, red is Aufa, 4. Purple 'Affaan, 5. behind him is Iman, 6. The one and only girl Iffah, 7. Naufal, 8. Husainy, 9. Tufeil. 10. Unfortunately not within my camera view is Zhafir
It was quite a riot trying to round them up! The bigger they get the more difficult cos one or the other kept running away!

Final Stop: Fit's.

I was in Fit's car and her husband drives like McQueen, the car sounds like McQueen too and Tufeil liked it so much. In any case, we reached first and I quickly gave Tufeil a shower and change in case he fell asleep on the way home and he'd get cranky if he gets woken up and then that means no sleep or less sleep for me.

We all LOVEEEEEEEE Aufa's room. Very cosy! Complete with mini round table and chair IN the room! And love how there are magnetic alphabets and numbers on the metal store room door, animal flash cards on the wall etc.
Just us chit chatting around the table
Oh we had fried macaroni which is heavenly me and T had a few helpings!! And then we were too full to sample Yummy looking the choc cake! Nak recipe!!

It was prolly 11pm by the time we drew conclusion to the outing.

Thank you 'Ainul (and Hisyam) for driving me and Tufeil home. May Allah bless you.

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