Final Day of Ramadhan 2011

Monday, 29th Aug 2011

Most of the "springcleaning" were done the day before, including last minute shopping at Metro for new bedsheets. I'm so grateful this year's preparation wasn't as frantic as some of the past years. I think it's because of 2 things: Tufeil going to school, giving my mum ample time to finish making ketupat (rice cake) and because Eid falls on a Tuesday, I was at home for 3 days from saturday to clean, help with the ketupat and whatever. Also kudos to my sister, Ash, she's the festive cleaner sort. Meaning to say, she mostly only cleans during Hari Raya but when she does she does it extremely well.

My room from the door

My first ever black bedsheet

The Sitting Area

Living and Dining sections from the Sitting Area

We also had a guest for our last iftar (break fast) in Ramadhan.

They had quite a bit of fun playing together.

I ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST went to Geylang that night. For my overseas reader, Geylang is like a Malay Village where we get our festive stuffs. And venturing to Geylang on eve of Eid borders on to dangerous due to the crowd! But there's always good sale to be had as shopkeepers would like to clear their stocks.

Anyways, I really really wanted to get my henna done as I always do... Ash was already out. My mum wanted to drop me there on the way to her errands. But it was already 9.30pm, I don't think its fair to leave Tufeil with them and I really didn't wanna linger there for too long so I forwent (past tense of forgo?) my annual "ritual" and spent about 2 hrs in the car following my parents to pick up cookies and send ketupats, etc...

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