This is Crazy! Don't Be Stupid! Love is Blind

Tues 13th September 2011,

After a vote amongst the committee, it was decided that our free movie for the year is to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love. Although budgetted for 80 pax, only 74 signed up. Even then, 2 actually was on medical leave that day and still nobody wanted to replace the slots. So, my sister came, even tho she's already watched it already! But otherwise, it'd be such a waste!

Oh it's actually at Cathay Cineleisure with free Popcorn and a can of coke. *bliss*

The movie itself... i think should have been categorised as Romantic Comedy instead of just Comedy because it was not LAUGH OUT LOUD funny but more in a... well.. romantic way! haha The plot is good, but i think Steve Carrell or his character should be FATTER to make a more dramatic change.

The actor playing his son looks familiar... From what movie is he eh?... Hmmm hafta google.

Good thing Ash came along, so we could share the cab ride home....

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