Cookie Time!

Sat, 25th June 2011
Tufeil was so happy when I announced that we'll be making cookie. He was prolly excited to be eating the dough again! He tasted everything every step of the way. Even the butter and sugar mixture he said nice. *shake head*

Like an Indian boy w face paint

Should I be worried of bacteria??


We don't have a kiddy table. So on the floor it is

Difficult to take it out

Tufeil's dough pressed over and over

He kept insisting to play with MY dough! Cheh. And he kept breaking my nicely cut-out but fragile elephants and bear! He didn't eat much of the dough this time around prefering to break them to tiny little pieces and scatter them around (outside the newspaper lining)! *heart pain trying to clean the mess*

But we did have fun. Hope to do it again when Syifaa' is around. And this time i think i should put T on the high chair to limit his destruction!

I picked a recipe from here but the dough was too soft i added some more. and even after baking double the time required, it didn't brown (as i like them). A few more minutes and it came out brown. And hard. but edible for adults and tasted very nice =)

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4 glasses of Juice:

Norza said...

Is this better tasting than the nigella link I sms'ed you? :) shall try this if it is!

Jussaemon said...

Oh! Actually we made this before your sms. So we havent actually tried the Nigella's. But if compared to yours, the texture was too soft that I had to blindly add more flour. I said blindly because im not sure if this would affect the taste.

Norza said...

Oooh..okie! Mcm gini T bleh buat kueh raya tahon nih. Hehe.

Jussaemon said...

Lol haha sebelum bakar dah habis pun agaknye!