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So with a 5% increment and the end of two loans, I felt ready to look at increasing my own insurance coverage. Because I was being loaded (extra premium) @ Manulife, the adviser told me to go back to Prudential where I have existing policies. I met up with Salmah my ex colleague who's handling my portfolio.

Inevitably, with the many health declarations I made, I was being sent for medical exam, lipids test and the like. My major concern is actually diabetes. I had Gestational one when I was pregnant and never did a glucose test again at 6th week, and family history is not on my side, so i really worried like hell. I prick tested myself sometimes. While in the morning the reading was good at 5.0, an hour after a simple meal gave me a 7.5 (ref range 5.5-7).

On top of that, I found out that the reason I was loaded by Manulife was not due to diabetes but to abnormal liver function test!!! What is this Abnormal liver function test?? I tried to google it, but I couldn't understand anything out of it. But it did say that it's actually pretty common and that it could or could not lead to other diseases.

This made me feel quite frustrated with the M adviser. Because firstly, he only told me that my health was "terrible, very terribly" when I asked the reason for the loading which led me to suspect it might be diabetes. And secondly, Salmah pointed out that there's no use of an insurance policy for my son if I, as payee, is not insured. Meaning to say that if I, wanauzubillah, fall sick or whatever, I would still need to keep paying that premium.

Now the results from Prudential is back. They are loading me. But for totally different reason. They've also excluded bladder cancer and carcinoma insitu (early and concentrated cancer) bladder. From $50 budget, I hafta pay $104 per month for Early Crisis Cover. This program will actually pay for medical and other expenses if critical illness are discovered as early as Stage I and II. I actually didn't know that my current critical illness coverage would only pay out at advanced stage. *Slaps forehead*

But the good news is I'm cleared of Diabetes and any abnormal liver function. For that, Alhamdulillah wa shukru lillah.

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