Wendy's @ Lau Pa Sat

Monday, 29th Nov 2010

I don't know why I will always forever remember this date to be somebody's birthday. And I haven't even exchanged a word with this person.

Anyways, after much begging, Ash the Sis finally agreed to try out Wendy's for lunch yesterday.

My Mushroom Melt + Medium Combo $8+
Ash's 1/4 Pound + small Combo $6.85
Spot the Halal logo on the tray
The Cheese was heaven. But unfortunately not the beef. Quite dry not juicy at all like McD's

June, my new Lunch Buddy, was quite disappointed to hear of my awful experience cause she's such a FAN!
Oh well.. I shall definitely return to sample their shrimp and fish fillet sandwiches (8 & 9)

Not to forget their baked potato with Cheese and Cheese. Looked YUMMY! Also cause otherwise i dont feel that full. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I forget to snap a photo of the paper on the tray that lists their branches. But from memory I recall there are:
  1. Yishun 10
  2. Century Square
  3. Plaza by the Park
  4. Lau Pa Sat (of course) and
  5. Holland Village

Best thing is you can use your Kopitiam's membership card here. Not that I have but still... nice to know you can.

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1 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

And Far East Plaza