Shaky Networkssss

Technology is getting to me.

First the internet at home was going bonkers. It took 30minutes to stream 10min worth of video. What the H right?!?! I would leave it streaming before I go to work and another episode just when i reached home to watch after T sleeps. But soon, even that was not working. It kept erroring on me.

Then i noticed that when I tried to download a game for my mum on the main computer, it was super duper fast! It was the one directly connected to the modem. So i resorted to watching my shows outside. But it proved not to be plausible cause I need to be able to hear Tufeil in case he wakes up.

So I called Singnet. First time, she told me to tick "Automatically detect settings" on LAN settings and then it worked okay. For two nights. I called again last night and we went thru an elaborate steps of adding TCP/IP (?) add, proxy servers, ran a test bla bla bla... and then it was lightning fast! for a couple of hours. Then it lagged again.

The officer said that if it's still slow, call them again and they'll send a technician over. I think i might just do that. soon.

Now comes the frustration with my iPhone's 3G network. Usually at my work desk, it will refuse to be available! Shaky at best.

The first time i called in, they asked me to Reset network settings. Ok. But it's still working like an Oreo cookie. Now you see it. Now you don't. Even when you see it, it's actually a hallucination. Damn it!

Second time I called he said cause I'm at such a high floor at 17th. WHAT THE! So i say, my other friends are on high levels and still work fine. Then they suggested I go to the center to get my unit looked at. Arghhh I don't have time for that!

so now i'm daydreaming to get a new phone. absolutely NOT an iPHONE! BAH! I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT! Please read here for the reasons why *look at June*

Today I saw the beyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful

Motorola FlipOut
I dig:
  1. The weird design
  2. Not your conventional candy bar design but a swivelling one.
  3. Physical qwerty is my main NEED while still being a touchscreen
  4. Android 2.1

I've read a review on it, they are quite positive about it except about the pictures part. Hmmm Perhaps I can learn to live with it?

The other downside is they don't have VIDEO CALL! Another important feature i MUST HAVE. What's up with all the handphone markets? Why are they making more and more phones SANS the front facing camera? I dont get it. It's like we're getting backward or something.

So yeah... I'm still looking for the idealest phone. Besides, I can't upgrade my phone for the next year anyway. *sabar sabar*

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2 glasses of Juice:

June said...

life is no longer the same for me after getting my ifone4 a month ago! i don't think i can ever go back to a nokia much less a motorola babe..! don't be hasty! really weigh the pros & cons k! =D

Jussaemon said...

Ultimately, I use my phone to take pictures and videos, to chat and tweet and read FB. I think an Android is more than able to do that. Then pair up with Motorola or samsung camera. DEAL.