Tufeil's First Day of "School"

Sunday, 7th Nov 2010 (19.5month)

It was quite difficult to search for a playgroup for Tufeil's age group that's conveniently located. My googling resulted in just one that's fairly walking distance - Kidz Campus @ The Woodgrove (Woodlands) about 10min walk away. and Sunday he went for a trial lesson.

Came back with a TERRIFIC sticker!

This is one of the increasing number of occassions when I gaze at Tufeil and think, "Gosh! My baby's growing up!"

His class was only available on Sat or Sun 9.15am to 10am (45min) with parent's/guardian's participation. Trial lesson is $20. Monthly fee is $95, one time Reg fee $60, Refundable deposit $100.

Received report that he enjoyed dancing to nursery rhymes and hi-5ing his friends but refused to participate in group activities such as pushing the big ball and walk in a train. Teacher said that this is normal as this is his first time in an "organised" play and he would over time get used to it.

I think the place is convenient, method should be okay (at this age, any kind of play is good), time is too early but T is an early riser anyway, duration is short but suitable for T. Only have a problem with the fees cause it's not payable by CDA account but HARD CASH.

In view of that, I searched for more from Baby Bonus website.

1. Mercu Learning Point aka Kidz Meadow Childcare.

I actually really liked this program. Muslim, not very walkable but still near, got Working Mum subsidy, and of course can pay by CDA! VERY UNFORTUNATELY, their Woodlands branch have ceased taking in playgroup age. Nearest one is in Yishun. Forget it.

However, I'm tagging this for Nursery @ 3yrs because it's just 2hours Mon-Fri.

2. Jamiyah Global Child Dvlpt centre

Website is very unfriendly. Although its add is the same as mine, it's at the other end of the street = far. Perks same as #1. I guess I need to call if I'm desperate.

3. Al Iman Kindergarten

Woodlands branch don't take in toddler. Their kindergarten starts at 3years old. It's quite cheap at $270 per month for 7am-7pm mon-Fri and half day Sat. I'm not comfortable at sending him to school for WHOLE DAY though. I haven't checked if payable by CDA account but i guess not.

4. Huda Kindergarten

Huda kindergarten applies the same method as Kidz Campus. payable by CDA. But its at woodlands Centre. very inconvenient.

I've yet to reach a conclusion.

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