How Far Can It Go?

I'm happy to report that I managed to stretch $50 food money for 11 LONGGGGGGGGG Days!!!

Phew~ I really don't know how I survived that. I certainly didn't buy any dinner all those days, and i didn't go out / spend at all at the weekends. (Hid paid for lunch @ Swensen's yest.) Just scouring for food at home. Bringing packed lunch helped but I still bought something extra but at minimal cost.

Of course this does not include the $32 grocery shopping two days ago, which i charged to credit card anyways. Was gonna make Beef Meatloaf for the friends but it got cancelled. Oh well.. more for us to eat!

I just found out that a friend with a secretarial cert only about 2 years older than me is earning 3.3k as an Exec Secretary. Me with an A level and diploma earn much lesser than that. Hell I think some grads earn less than that! I blame it all on my first job with i worked for a pittance and took me 3 whole years to get out of. I should have waited for a better position to start out with. AIYOOO

Ok ok I probably had a smooth transition coming out from an All-girls All-muslims all-malay school i was at for 12 years and I definitely met interesting people and learnt many valuable lessons. And probably there are much better things in store for me in the future. But right now, I just wanna whine it out.

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1 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Not about waiting for a better post to start with. But at the age of 20-25, it is SO ok to job-hop for higher pay, better post. When you reach 28, you should be settled down with the "ONE" and focus to grow from there on.