Nur's Nikah

Sat 27th Nov 2010.

So my cousin got married last weekend.

Eyew is the only word to describe my facial expression

"Mana duck?"
(It's a sticker on the door of the guys' room)

The Groom
(Tak nampak muka action2 censored lah padahal its lack of skill! hahaha)

The Bride's Gifts for the Groom.

A boy from each side playing in the bride's room.

Tufeil was ok most of the time except for when he played Spongebob app in the bride's room when the Qadi was asking cousin Nur to sign the papers. and when they left and were reading doa, he made some noise when i tried to take away the iPhone. Other than that, just peachy considering the crowd and enclosed environment which I know he doesn't like.

The next day was the actual wedding reception. We reached at 2pm and stayed till 5pm. I stayed in the house MOST of the time. Luckily, it was for the most part empty / spacious for T to run around. It was great that my cousins loved entertaining him. He was soooo happy giggling away.

Only at 3.30pm did Tufeil take a nap. O oh. Now I hafta wait for another hour before I could go down and eat cause hafta be on standby for when he wakes up. Fortunately, Mummy brought up some food a bit later. and When T woke up, we went down for HIm to eat but I ended up cleaning the plate cos he got too distracted to eat. Esply when he saw the brownie and his Atok.

Anyway, Congratulations to my kid cousin. Hope you have kids soon so T can play with them. hahaha

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