19th Month Developments

Another month has passed, and he's shown a few more things that he could do.

1. Holding a pencil

Good boy
Oops... Are you colouring the floor?

Ok actually he's known how to hold a pencil a longggggggggg time ago. Right after we got our walls painted, he HAD to run a test of endurance? haha But I haven't been encouraging to draw mainly because I have no equipments. The colour pencils are all Syifaa's which she brought over sometimes and I'd like to get him the jumbo washable crayons/pencils. When I have the time, no money. When i have the money, no time. AIYOO

2. Ride the "Motor"/Car?


eeeekkkkk *brake*

He started walking at around 12mths, but he was not confident to ride this thing up until recently. The last couple of months, he had been trying but he seem to keep leaning to the back I was afraid he'd fall off! Neither did he know how to get on / off and TURN and he can do all these now. Nice~

His other MAJOR development is SINGING a whole line. Of course from whatever months he knew the words at the end of each line, or could sing E I E I O very slowly with focused concentration. Now.. He sings like this..

- "Twinkle Twinkle star!" Everytime he sees a star
- "E I E I O, moo moo there, moo moo there" Just out of the blue and many times too! Very diff to catch on video. He used to fill in "And on his farm he has a ____" with a COW, now can insert other animals with sounds too. With much coaxing though.

4. Adjectives

His vocabulary has expanded to a handful of adjectives. Mainly: Big, Small, Long and short. It's totally my fault that I introed him these words very late but I've only managed to find such a book that could hold Tufeil's attention. Also, making funny voices animatedly while reading helps. Example: a deep voice and expanding arms when describing BIG and a squeaky voice with squinty eyes to describe small.

Thereafter, I just happened to remember that instead of just pointing and saying BUS, I could say "LONGGGGGGGGGG Bus" for the bendy buses that are common in the north. He also has two different turtles as bath time toys so I describe one as BIG and the other SMALL.

God, I know there are a lot of things that i'm not teaching him but what else eh?

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