Creative Cup

WOW! Me and my colleague won $150 shopping voucher for this contest we'd entered organised by Health Promotion Board.

A few months ago we were given paper cups with uplifting messages. We were told to come up with something creative and we got to this:

Naturally, I was tasked to take the photo and do the editing.
My colleague came up with the words and the "see-saw"

What was most surprising is that.. its a NATIONAL competition and we got TOP Prize. That's just... unbelievable!

Thank you Allah. You listened when I've prayed for financial ease.

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2 glasses of Juice:

June said...

OMG! Babe i had no idea we won (ermm you won!)!! How come nothing was announced eh?

Jussaemon said...

Oh i havent really got the vouchers yet. Still waiting for it to be "presented" by the Top top. So maybe after that then got announcement with pictures kot?