Just Something ...

...To override that gross blog post. hahahha

Ayah brought out the 2-men tent in preparation for their night in the sky outing and the kids were having fun with it.

Fri night, we went to the library and T met another boy his age to play with. Turned out he was Eka Marina's son. I've ever heard her name before but totally don't know who she is but my sis said someone popular.

My thought when i saw her, "Hmmm She seems to be talking in Bahasa Indonesia but she sure doesn't dress like a maid with a blue rimmed specs and jeans." And she actually asked me, "Ini boy ke girl?" and T was wearing the outfit below. ARGHHH

Afterwards, we went to Metro. While kakak Syifaa' went to deposit something at the toilet, Tufeil played with the sample toys

He IS interested in the laptop *wink at Titi*

Hmmm notice my shoe? Nampak sah (obviously) so tired i just slipped it out.

Was afraid he might not like a toy laptop preferring the real one.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

T, you must wait til March! :)

To T's mummy, stop hinting! :P

Ashley said...

The video is sooo cute. No wonder I found one of my pillows in there when I came home that night.