Goofing Around with Tufeil

Just a collection of Tufeil's pictures for the past week:

Playing with his iPod Touch

Tufeil has been very taken by Wheels on The Bus songs on YouTube. He watches many different versions. I can leave him in the room with his iPod and feel peaceful. The downside is, he wouldn't want to sleep and insist on watching if he sees my iPhone lying around.

Where's the Ball?

He saw his kakak pretending to be pregnant and he wants too. But he was wearing a bodysuit so can't insert from below so i pop it in from the collar!

Tufeil was being quite an artist.

Wall of "Abstract" Arts

Tufeil says, "This Cow"

"This Car"

All these on the EVE of HAri Raya Haji when we were expecting guests the next day as it's our turn to host the gathering. And also just after we've repainted the whole house after 10 years! Chet! Well can't blame him, we ran out of drawing blocks that day.

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2 glasses of Juice:

The 6 of Us said...

You should try using the magic sponge (can get from Daiso) it'll help get rid of the pencil marks on the wall for sure.

Jussaemon said...

Wah org NZ lagi tau psl barang kat Daiso. hehehe Ok will hunt it down. Thanks for the tip!