Advanced Bday Present!

When I got home yesterday, I was surprised to see a package on my table.

Postage costed $3.74!

It seems to say the sender is Nurul Hidayah, one of the 11 Best Friends. Huh? What could she have sent me? Yah I remember her asking for my postal address just a day after we met up. But I totally didn't expect a PACKAGE!

"It's just a box" the envelop says.

And this is what the card says. AMEEENNN

hehehe my bday isn't until end of the year! Almost 2 months away.

And tadaaaaaaaaaaa

OH MY GOD! It's a COACH wristlet! COACH!

I don't know how to tell you how ELATED i felt when I see this. I was jumping and screaming (luckily I was alone at home for a short while). It's just been a longgggggggggggggggg time since i've received a present, and an expensive one at that. I mean Birthdays are over-rated nowadays for us "adults".

PLUS it came at a right time too when my current Cat wristlet-cum-purse from PetShop ($25 - almost 2 yrs of age) is already dirty and old. But on second thought, if I use this bag everyday, I'm afraid it might get dirty too. So how?
I can't express my thanks enough to Hid. For her to think of me, that's the most precious part. Thank god for friends.

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