Scenes From JB

Last Saturday, we went to JB.

Initially I didn't want to follow but there's nothing better to do at home! We were just goign to collect some tailored clothes and grocery shopping as well as lunch.

At Singgah Selalu:

Tufeil looks so abang2 (big brother) like. oh how my baby has grown!

I got very irritated by the spread available. Initially, I wanted to order ala carte Nasi Goreng Black Pepper Beef. But I thought, "why don't I take from the self service counter so I can get different kinds of meat/gravy for slightly more.

So it irked me when they had prolly 30 different dishes but nothing could conjur my interest! Reason: they had many different kinds of fish and chicken gravy, all different kinds of fried fishes but only ONE beef dish: the boring-Hari-Raya-Haji-just-passed Rendang. If anybody knows me, they would know i'm such a BEEF person! There's no seafood like prawn or squid either.

By then, it was too late to back off cause I already had 1.5cups of rice and a generous helping of beef Lung (paru) on my plate. =( Really I was sooo pissed off at SINGGAH SELALU. I DON'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE LIKE TO GO THERE! EVERYTIME I GO THERE I ALWAYS GET DISAPPOINTED!

At Angsana:
Of course he likes to sit in the car.

In UO in Angsana:

Yeah he likes to "handle" goods too. Luckily, it was too heavy for him to lift and throw!

The "best" part of this trip: I only discovered that Tufeil had pooped in his diaper when we were at the gas station. Can you imagine the toilet at a gas station in the part of the world?!?!?!?!?! *shudder*

I took off his socks and had no choice but to make him stand on the (extremely dirty) floor! It's either that or make him sit on the extremely YUCKIER toilet seat!! *puke* At one point, I totally broke down and froze, not being able to decide how to wash him while he was screaming at the cold water and cold floor. Didn't help that there was a queue growing outside. My dad had to step in and carry T while I try my best to wash from the too short hose and cldn't get T to squat. Aiyooo.

Then, I was about to freeze another time while trying to decide how to put on his diaper when once again ayah took over and brought him out of the toilet (so the lady could get in the single cubicle). And even though I insisted that it's embarrassing Ayah carried him (diaperless) to the car.

I don't think I would go to JB again until Tufeil is toilet trained. Oh damn! I'm due to go to Malacca next weekend. Ok then I pray Tufeil will only shit when we're at the hotel or somewhere nice.

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4 glasses of Juice:

June said...

OMG! hahahaha i didn't know whether to laugh at the scene i can so see in my head or to sob for u!

hang in there babe. oh and it's sooo time for u to switch T to pull-ups!!!

Jussaemon said...

Ya Allah... T HAS been wearing pull ups since he was 6months! But still i terkial2 eh? Siow ah me~

The 6 of Us said...

Why don't you change him in the car when its parked i.e. usually I will bring on of those diaper-changing mats (where its made of soft cotton on top and below is a rubber-backed/waterproof layer...which is washable, can be machine-washed if it gets dirty). I will lay the mat along the back passenger seat but I will stand outside the car/at the passenger door and lay the baby along the seat facing outside (if you can imagine how this is done). I find it works really well but just have the bear a bit with the bending part (or else you could sit on the seat instead of standing outside (whichever works for you). After that just spray some deodouriser if you're worried about the smell sticking in the car.....sure beats changing in those yucky m'sian toilets hehe

Jussaemon said...

Wow... how do you change a SOILED diaper in the car even if it's not moving? Tufeil berak quite soft ones so cleaning up using wet wipes ain't gonna be enough me thinks.