Tufeil is 20 month old


Just wanted to add that Tufeil's favourite word of the month is TERSEPIT (stuck) - Also with malay bakuness. He would pretend that his foot got under the wheels of the stroller, point to it and say "Tersepit!" or when there's this part on Wheels of the bus video on YouTube that showed a head getting stuck in the opening and closing doors.

This month Tufeil is absolutely WHINY! I would whine TAK NAKKK~~~ (don't want) or NAK SUSUUU~~~ in that wavy whiny tone.

And he would defly throw a big tantrum come CEBOK (Washing after shitting) time. *sighhhh*

I thought after last month, there won't be much new things Tufeil could do. But i think I'm wrong. Or at least, i've only just noticed:

  1. He can THROW a ball very well to the intended catcher. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to catch yet
  2. He can RUN (If you call walking quickly with his arms to the back - much like flying - run) but he still needs more confidence to jump on his own
  3. He can PLAY with his CAR/vehicles WITHOUT throwing them around. Much.
  4. He has 4 molars now!! One at each corner of the mouth. I think prolly from last month but i've only just noticed when we were tickling him and he was upside down laughing.
  5. He hates to get his toenails cut. He would kick and cry and scream to get out of it much like feeding him the meds. like huh??? Why?

Lately, he's started to remember faces and their names. He was browsing thru my iPhone and saw his Uncle Ben and he would say his name. When last weekend, we spent quite a lot of time with the Cuzzies, he correctly identified them to salam (shake hand) when we were about to go home. That night, he browsed thru the photos and pointed to the bride and said "Aunty Nol".

I can actually CONVERSE with him now. And he can assess his atmosphere and articulate it just as well as his wants and needs. For eg:

1. "Bye bye Truck. See you again"

2. He picked up a bottle and i said, "Itu ubat kaki" (That's foot medicine) and he pretended to pour it to his foot.

3. He can reply Waalaikumussalam correctly when we say the salam. But the funny thing was we were both getting into the car and i was greeting Syifaa' but he was the one who replied with a lot of enthusiasm at that! lol

There was once i moved the wooden vase of plastic flowers to the side so i could see myself better in the mirror and he said to me, "O Oh... Nenek marah anti" Cos he likes to pick at the flower and we always say to him "nenek marah nanti" (Grandma will scold u).

Lately, he likes to say "Aduh! Sakit!" (Ouch painful) only it turned out very baku like SAKEET while rubbing his head when sometimes it's his foot that got hurt or sometimes nothing even happened! Another BAKU word he's been saying is PUSING. That's what I would say when he wants to get down from the bed, to turn around first and lower himself down.

When he doesn't want to play with something anymore he would say "Put back". And when he hands around too close to the TV, he would sit when i say so.

The only "problems" we still face is the slapping thing. He is still hitting pple when they got too close to him. Or when it's funny and laughing is just not enough. haha. He esply liked to pull his kakak's scarf. Oh well you know siblings/cousinly squabbles. The other issue is his sleep. Still waking up every 2 hours sometimes 3 sometimes 1. -_-

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