Mother's Wet Trials.

Sunday, 31st Oct

Hid and I wanted to meet. She's gonna lend me her books. But I asked her along to IMM. It's been a long time since I went out with Tufeil for his fun. My parents drove us over.

I read from Dirah's blog that there's a playground there. But I totally didn't anticipate that there's gonna be a HUGE WATER park. OH no! I didn't bring any change of clothes for T. So I only let T play at the dry section. Although he loves the spinning wheel, we found that he kept wandering towards the BIG LURE of water.

That's it. We're buying him a new shirt! HAHAHA.

New onesie courtesy of Aunty Hid. THANK YOUUUUU!!
Touching the fountain.
This is also his favourite play at bath time. He'd insist that the shower head be placed on the floor.
He was also more attracted to the bubbles created from the splashes than to the water itself.

Altho he loves playing w water, he actually hates it when it gets into his eyes.
Me, I got semi drenched lor accompanying him in the wet playground. Some kids attacked me with sprays of water. AIYOOO. Both Hid and I wished we could just play and be carefree. It was a nice warm weather to just lie on the wet floor.
Afterwards, we settled ourselves in Swensen's for lunch. Tufeil suddenly got cranky. He only had 30min nap and it was already 1.30pm when he had a very early start at 8am. Also, he hadn't eaten anything since bfast at 9am of just porridge.
I gave him a few mouthfuls of my Teriyaki chicken pasta, and a few bites of fries, and suddenly he vomitted. A LOT! Some on my hijab too! All the unchewed pasta and other unidentified items came out. I was at my wit's end. Should I buy another shirt for him or just wash him? Should I rush him to the doctor or something? What food should I let him eat since his tummy must be empty and he seemed to be resisting anything.
In the end, we went to the toilet to clean up as best as I could (that equates to a few brushes of water. not even with soap! haha lazy me) and I called my mum. She said she was 30min away and would pick us up. Oh Thank God! in the meantime, I nursed him and he drifted to sleep while I finished my Mango Lychee Yogurt smoothie which was not packable anyways.
So sorry that Hid had to witness such a mess and had to help me with fetching things etc.
At home, he seemed happy and active enough. I was confused whether to send him to the doctor or not. He didn't have much of an appetite. He didn't finish his sausage and cheese sandwich I made him. Although he did eat most of the sausage. so I thought maybe he got a sore throat following his fever and runny nose from the week before.
However, lately, he's been making gagging sounds out of nowhere. We thought it might be from his index finger in his mouth that went too far in to the throat. But to actually vomit his tummy out. GOSH.
Since, our queue number at the GP won't be called till 9.15pm, I decided to wait and see what happens the next day and if need be, send him to the PD.

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norza said...

mb his perot just masok angin tak? cos u mentioned he only had porridge for bfast. hope he gets better soon. :)